Comment on 3-17 Article: “How photos support your own ‘reality'”

Yes, I’m a “9-11 Truther,” and Very Ashamed (of what it says about my Country, that is)…..

I am very sad and ashamed that I do not trust my government, but I think you’d have to be insane to trust this particular government we’ve had for the past twenty years (Bush-Clinton-Bush). There’s a reason why the “X-Files” was so popular in the 1990s—it’s because NOBODY in their right mind really trusts the US Government anymore. Brian Strosser wrote: “That is the beauty of paranoia: once embraced, it relives you of ever having to think again.” I demur!

Whether we agree on the historic details of specific conspiracies or not, however, I think we can or should ALL agree that it is blind faith in the power and righteousness of our Government that has made up one flimsy excuse and lie after another to go out to kill, kill, kill throughout the world while we jail, jail, jail our own people here at home.

One aspect of history that has so far been ignored by the other posters is “pattern”—the repetitive patterns of medium range history that characeterize different eras.

In the United States a decade of political assassinations, started in 1963 with Kennedy, followed in rapid succession by Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, & ending, strangely enough, with George Corley Wallace, who survived as a paralytic cripple the attack on his life in Silver Spring Maryland in 1972. There were attacks on Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan each several years later, but the era of the successful “lone gunman” assassin seems to have ended with Arthur Bremmer and the Alabama Governor.

It seems that the world’s puppetmasters simply decided that it was time for a new strategy, because there had never been a decade of political assassinations like 1963-1972 in U.S. history, and there has not been one since. Or did the psychoses which generated “lone gunmen” just ameliorate thanks to sufficient doses of readily available “soma”?

And then in 1992, a decade of incidents of terrorism started in 1992 with the Federal standoff at Ruby Ridge. Immediately after Ruby Ridge, at the start of the Clinton Administration, followed the February 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, the tragedy at Waco (Branch Davidian Mount Carmel) and then Okalahoma City 1995.

After Oklahoma City, the “endgame” became more readily apparent: Congress enacted AEDPA, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, origin, source, and precursor of the Patriot Act, most elements of which had been proposed in 1993 after World Trade Center I…..

But even Oklahoma City was not the “new Pearl Harbor”—that had to wait another five years, and then it happened, with 9-11 culminating the decade of domestic terrorism in the United States—and nothing much has happened since, except that Bin Ladin remains at large (allegedly the most wanted criminal in the WORLD—but it’s nice to have him around to keep people fearful—even if he’s actually just retired and gone on vacation to Rio or something) and American Civil Liberties and the Constitution as a whole are all imprisoned, on starvation diet, and will soon die if not released from their “cold steel storage.”

So IMHO there’s a connection between the Kennedy Assassination and 9-11 all right—both are arguably incidents used as tools of U.S. National Policy.

Why are there prisons being built at breakneck speed around the country with Federal Dollars?

Why is Congress criminalizing almost every form of conduct while judges arrogate themselves the power to violate the constitutional rights of every citizen with impunity AND immunity from prosecution?

Why is former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer resigning from the Governorship of New York for involvement with a good-looking hooker when the entire legal profession has prostituted itself to every value for which “America” ever stood? Look at the attached article on the sordid history of the Bush Administration’s attack on a more recent Democratic Governor of Alabama…it is scandalous and inexcusable!

No, indeed, I think that it’s time to admit that with our Government, if you trust them, if you’re NOT paranoid, you’re truly insane and delusional…

There was one candidate this year who MIGHT have changed all this country’s trustworthiness for the better, and like most of my fellow “9-11 Truthers/9-11 Deniers/9-11 Non-Sheep”, Ron Paul was ridiculed and belittled.

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