We are now engaged in a great struggle…..

What is that struggle, exactly?  I think it is the struggle of this nation’s soul against its drug addled mind.  Aldous Huxley, in Brave New World, forsaw a post-modern society in which true feeling and sincere emotions were (literally) drowned in a nearly magical but extremely safe medical mind-altering drug, which he called “Soma.”  No one ever worried about truth or justice or morality—non-conformists were “reconditioned” in special camps, and all citizens were instructed in their sleeping and waking hours by televisions and recorded programs that instilled into each individual the notion that the State provided everything and that the people had everything, and that no one lacked or could want for anything, so there was no need for freedom or choice or God or Christianity or a Church or personal responsibility.  An exceedingly important component of the Brave New World was universal sexual satisfaction based on promiscuity and the total lack of commitment by partners to each other, and the simultaneous destruction of the family, old age, and innocent childhood.  The only thing that’s really shocking about Huxley’s social analysis is that it was published in 1932—before any of those things had REALLY quite happened yet.  But they’ve all happened now—or are so close to happening that it isn’t even remotely funny.  So we live in a science fiction nightmare, where truth, justice, and morality are all simply irrelevant because no one really wants it, so long as they can have plasma, high-definition TVs with surround sound and a steady supply of conscienceless relationships and pregnancy-free sex for entertainment, always tempered with mind-altering drugs from Ritalin and Prozac to who knows what the latest fad in prescription mind-alteration is right now.

Nancy Jo Grant is now in day 42 of her “reconditioning” in the DeSoto County Jail to become an acceptable member of Florida Society.   Since 54 days behind bars obviously didn’t serve to shut me up with fear and loathing, another Texas Judge (this time in a case to which I was NEVER a party nor witness, and in which I wasn’t even MENTIONED in any substantive motion or pleading until the end) has now in effect “outlawed” or “attained” me completely, banning me from any “unapproved” filings in Federal Court, just as I have been banned from filing in State Court.  This means, of course, that all of my rights, called “Fundamental” by so many Supreme Court decisions, are now entirely discretionary with Federal & State Judges.   The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is upon us—Dictatorship by Arbitrary and Capricious Judicial Fiat.

And in the midst of all this, the catcalls and the jeers become louder.  Small rodent-like creatures ridicule me for having dared to stand up to the State of Texas and insist that the Texas Family Code, as a whole, on its face and as applied in the Courts of the State, is a constitutional mockery of the first order.  “Maybe you need to do something outside of law” the little vermin say—because I’ve angered the Mighty Powers that Be?

I have to say, I regard the two times I’ve been illegally arrested in the past two years as “Red Badges of Courage”, along with the cowardly judicial orders banning me from filings in ANY Court in Texas, of January 30, 2006 and now March 20, 2008, as indicating that I had struck a nerve, and that the people whose causes I assisted or supported had also struck nerves—and that freedom of speech, free exercise of the right to Petition, is simply too dangerous now ever to be allowed in George W. Bush’s America again.

The repetitive recording in the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston reminds travellers all day that “inappropriate comments may result in your arrest.”  What more fitting motto for the world that the Bushes and the Clintons have ushered in?  “Inappropriate Comments May Result in Your Arrest.”  This is music to the ears of little men and women who thrive on exploiting tyranny by sycophancy.

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