A Declaration of Legal Independence (a Petition to Abolish the State Bar Monopoly on Freedom of Speech & Freedom to Petition)

A DECLARATION OF LEGAL INDEPENDENCE*(A Petition to Abolish the Monopoly of Free Expression &the Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances now claimed and held by“The Bar” in Each State in the United States) 

1.                  I am domiciled in the state of ___________, in the town or city of ___________, with U.S. Postal Service zip code ____________. 

2.                  I am over the age of 18 years_________.   I am under the age of 18 years______.

3.                  I support the deregulation of the practice of law, and freedom of speech for all.

4.                  I oppose the idea that only members of the bar can express authoritative opinions regarding the meaning or content of the law.

5.                  I oppose, and advocate the repeal, of any and all state laws or regulations, whether passed by the state legislature, adopted by any court operating within my state, or by any entity calling itself “the Bar” of my state, which restricts the ability of me, my friends, or my neighbors to argue and advocate, to any court or administrative agency, or to the state legislature or city councils any interpretation or application of the law which appears to us reasonable and prudent, or advantageous to us in the conduct of our daily personal or business lives.

6.                  I especially oppose, and advocate the repeal, of any and all state laws or regula-tions which make it a crime, punishable by any fine or imprisonment, for any person to speak and advocate his own personal interpretation of the law, or to communicate his or her spoken or written knowledge or interpretation of the law to any other person.

7.                  I believe that the “Practice of Law” cannot be licensed or monopolized, and that all such licenses or monopolies are antithetical to the express intention, letter, and spirit of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

8.                  I believe that, even at its best, the licensing of attorneys and monopoly maintained by “the bar” favors and protects only the mediocre, the conformist, and the unimaginative members of the profession of advocacy or legal scholarship.

9.                  At its worst, the licensing of attorneys creates and fosters cronyism and corrupt favoritism between lawyers and judges, protects the truly lazy and incompetent members of the profession by insulating them from meaningful competition, and allows a tyranny of local minorities to emerge whereby lawyers, sheriffs, deputies, and policemen, judges, clerks, court reporters, and all other court personnel form cliques which favor themselves and their friends, and the wealthiest and “highest bidders” among clients, or those most politically “acceptable” to the “in crowd”, to the end that justice is everywhere sold and nowhere applied in a fair or evenhanded manner.

10.              I also support the abolition of the state bar monopoly on the licensing of attorneys because I believe in free enterprise, freedom of self-determination, and freedom of contract, and because many good people, most famously, and recently, Nancy Jo Grant, have been wrongfully and unjustly convicted and imprisoned or fined for the unauthorized practice of law; I oppose all prosecution of all persons for the unauthorized practice of law, and advocate freedom for Nancy Jo Grant of Arcadia, Florida.

11.              I wish to contribute the amount of __________ to a campaign to abolish the bar, remove all legal obstacles to freedom of expression and the right to freely petition for redress of grievances.

12.              I have knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily signed this Petition on the _____ day of the month of _______, 20___.

Print your name below your signature here;_____________________________________

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