The Agenda of Family Law in the United States (hidden in plain sight)

          What is the purpose of mandatory child support payments?  What do mandatory child support payments have to do with widespread domestic violence arrests?  What is the role of social workers (e.g. Guardians ad Litem) who promote adversarial situations between parties by (consistently) choosing to side with the parent accused of abuse?  Why is the role of contempt of court expanding in Family Law Courts?


          The case of Michael Jergins in Williamson County is still ALMOST unique.  He is the only judge I have ever encountered in the United States who consistently imposes sanctions for CONTEMPT for speech and thought crimes, crimes of merely truthful and sincere communication.  And I know of no two people who have been more severely punished for such conduct than I and Rhonda Moe (IIO Malmquist).  Judge Michael Jergins sentenced Rhonda Moe to four months in jail for giving her twelve-year old son a tape recorder to catch a certain Guardian ad Litem (Laurie J. Nowlin) in lies, and that certain Guardian ad Litem (Laurie J. Nowlin) sought contempt charges against Moe, which Judge Jergins granted. 


Judge Jergins and Laurie J. Nowlin less directly but equally effectively prosecuted me for speech and thought crimes including attending my (then) ten year old son’s scout meetings, attending lunch at his school (where I was a volunteer instructor in several subjects, Spanish, History, Geography), and discussing his level of contentment with him.  As a direct result, I did not see my son for two years (June 2003-June 2005, and not much contact even afterwards, since June 2005—until the past year anyhow).  It was Judge Michael Jergins, not alone by any means, but more than anyone else, who convinced me to fight forever and a day to reform the Family Code systems in place in Texas and elsewhere by abolishing them.  After all, in 1787-1792, when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were adopted, marriage was ONLY understood as a religious sacrament, and was therefore completely outside the realm of the government to regulate, and completely within the protection for religious freedom and freedom of association protected by the First and Ninth Amendments.


Now, unfortunately, I have just recently witnessed a Judge in Pasco County, Florida, threatening to terminate a fine mother’s parental rights for engaging in “inappropriate speech” in the presence of her beautiful, 8 year old daughter.  The “speech” in this case was not even TO her daughter, but in the front seat to another adult when her daughter was sitting in the back seat.  The “inappropriate speech” in question in this case was particularly interesting to me: the mother was telling a friend that she was going to make every effort to get her daughter’s social worker fired for incompetence, laziness, and lying.  And the Pasco County Judge in question considers this an act evidence of “extreme hostility” and uncooperativeness.  Oh yes, I forgot, we are in the Honorable Maoist People’s Republic of Amerika, where challenging a governmental employee charged with the duty of taking your children away from you so that the state government can charge the federal government exorbitant fees for providing “services” would indeed be an affront to the government.


But I digress, the first questions had to do with the general purpose of mandatory child support payments, a widespread cancer of (mostly frivolous) prosecutions for domestic violence, and the generally expanding realm of contempt of court.  To my mind, it is simple and direct: the government, even those whose political roots are in the so-called “Family Friendly” Christian right, such as Texas Attorney-General Greg Abbott, have decided to destroy the nuclear family, to atomize individuals, to promote domestic discord and residential instability, to decrease the effective autonomy created by ownership of private property, and to maximize the degree to which the individual either “owes” or believes he owes all of his happiness to (1) the government, (2) the large corporations who provide most of the employment in this country, but (3) especially the judges and judiciary and their cohort who are the least democratic and most authoritarian component of society. 


I charge that even the real corporate purpose of the social welfare system in the United States is this same agenda of destroying the family, private property, and the constitutional state.  I charge that the family court system, especially the mandatory wealth transfers implicit or explicit in child support payments, have no economic utility except to isolate individuals from each other and create adversarial positions in society.  Marriage has become a system of welfare by fiat in lieu of its former economic role as builder of private estates by contract.  There are probate and inheritance law parallels to this Family Code analysis, but I will reserve that for a future post.  In the meantime, I say it is time to wake up and smell the corpses of liberty, freedom, and justice, to bury the deceased and see them reborn for a new generation dedicated truth, justice, and freedom for all.


It is time for Americans to revolt against the dictatorial, communistic tyranny of Family Law Courts and wipe them off the face of the map, restoring the individual freedoms originally embodied in the First and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution. 

2 responses to “The Agenda of Family Law in the United States (hidden in plain sight)

  1. i understand who this judge in pasco county florida is as a grandparent i went in front of this judge just to get my rights as a grandparent given to me but this judge made me out to be like ted bundy and i deserved the not to ever be around any children because of my past criminal record going as far back to 1994 to 2010 and their were no felony child abuse charges or sex offenses he told me i could never be around my grandchildren no matter what so if they end up hurt or in a hospitial i cant be there who or what gave him this power it wasnt god thats for sure i am a rehabaltated person and have been doing great for over a year now but this judge has his many evil ways and he went to the point of taking away my wifes bond with the grandchildren too she also is not allowed around them just because she loves me and we are married when did god come to pasco county last time i checked god is in heaven so i hope the government wakes up before god come so they will make it to heaven thank you listening and god bless you for letting us express ourselves and writing on these evil judges and eckerd youth caseworker too they also lie and twist stories to benifit them and this judge goes along with them they are golden in his coutroom they are his evil little deomns to destroy families and drive young parents back to things which they need help with

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