The Disastrous Origin and History of State-Licensed Marriage in the USA

The rubbish heap of history is a merciless and very unpleasant place, but few segments of time and space in history have ever been consigned to that rubbish heap with greater glee and happiness than that which greeted the collapse of the Soviet Union and the final defeat (in Europe) of World Communism (the Eastern Front remains open, obviously, in China, North Korea, and Vietnam).  USSR, 1917-1991, RIP.  But who REALLY won the Cold War?  I have the distinct impression that World Communism simply took deeper and more lasting root in the West than in the East, due (ironically enough) to the complicity of Western Corporations and Governments in the destruction of the Family, Private, Property, and the Bourgeois, Constitutional State.  Attached here are two articles on marriage and divorce in the Soviet Union, and how we in the West copied them, and implemented their programs, more successfully than the Eastern Block ever managed to do….I am more grateful to Judy Parejko than she will ever know for sharing her extensive research and knowledge with me.  I am happy to make her results and opinions more widely available by their inclusion here, but all the credit is due her: “credit where credit is due.”  Judy’s research is epic-and-eye-opening.  ANYONE who wants to develop a case against the constitutionality (and political ugliness) of the Marriage License will necessarily start with the two articles included here and Judy’s unpublished research summary.

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