Nancy Grant FREE AT LAST and AT HOME….

This unconfirmed report just came over the wire at midnight on Tuesday, July 1, 2008, that Nancy Jo Grant was released from DeSoto County Jail and returned to her family.  The report from Sheree Lowe suggested that Nancy was back at home after four and half months of confinement, but this report also stated that her old e-mail address was working again, and the first e-mail I sent bounced back from her old address to me, so I’m just not sure.  If this report is true, then Nancy has “ONLY” suffered incarceration from February 19-June 30, 2008, i.e., 132 days, 80 more than the 52 to which Judge Janice Graham Jack confined me December 9, 2007-February 2, 2008.  I will report all further developments without fail….so stay tuned to the REAL Voice of America—Tierra Limpia……

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