An Unregulated Law School for the People…..

The state of the American Legal Profession is DISMAL.  Hiring a licensed attorney these days is almost guaranteed to be a headache, heartache, and a wallet drain, ultimately all for nothing.

Lawyers in divorce courts make money off of discovery conflicts and non-cooperation, so they keep the conflicts alive and burning and hopes smoldering and passions flaring so that the cases last until the money runs out. 

Lawyers in criminal cases, by contrast, make money on the volume of cases, so they coerce their clients into plea bargains as quickly as possible to avoid any need for discovery or venting of passions.

Lawyers in personal injury cases are basically plaintiff’s-side claims managers who work with insurance companies, and they too make their money by volume-turnover, so don’t expect any advocacy from THEM.

Since the normal, state-regulated, practice of law and I parted company some years ago, I have gotten to know many, many fine people involved in the so-called “patriot” movement in the United States. 

These people are so many and varied it’s impossible to say something coherent about all of them, as a group, except this: they are all fed up with the American Legal System and angry about how it has treated them or one of their friends or neighbors or relatives, or all of the above. 

As James Carlton Todd, one of the Deputy Attorney Generals of the State of Texas who apparently has a life-time appointment to do very little besides torment me, said once in 2006—“you can always find a couple of crazies to hang out with and help you out.” 

Well, I suppose “crazy” is what we are when we, as individuals, fight the government.  The government is better funded, better organized, and literally pays the salaries of the very judges whom “we the people” have no choice but to ask (as our only and last resort) for justice.  This is, generally speaking, no fun.  And if we try to organize into groups they do what they can to break us up.

However, the Mr. Todd is right up to a point—the system does drive people crazy and sometimes they go way over the edge, embracing half-baked “legal theories” which can at best be called, “uninformed” or “impractical.”

The worst of these hair-brained heretical theories are the “admiralty-is-everything” and “UCC-is-everything” theories, which sometimes merge into an incomprehensible mishmash where everything in the world is best envisioned as “commerce at sea”, which is sometimes mixed in with the “see that fringe on the flag—we’re already under martial law” theory—which may at least be half right (in that the justice system DOES smack more of martial law than common law justice or equity these days).

These “theories” have about as much relation to the actual practice of law as I do to the late Japanese Emperor Hirohito, which is to say, none.

So, a little over a year ago, I came to a simple conclusion: we who believe in the Constitution must outsource legal services and case analysis offshore (or at least “beyond the national boundaries of the United States”).  I want to start in Mexico, a country I know extremely well, or perhaps Belize or Honduras, or somewhere in the Caribbean, to create an unregulated litigation support group “for the people.”

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