Mortgage Problems of All Kinds

The mortgage finance system is corrupt and wants you to lose your home.  That is how they make money: by keeping property constantly in motion, making new “loans” is how money is created.  Do you think you might lose your home in foreclosure and to a servicing company no less?  Are you behind in your payments?  Is your home worth less now than the mortgage balance?   I don’t pretend to know who is pulling the strings on the macro level, but I can help you deal with some of the problems created by these questions/predicaments.   What I really want to know is, do you have the feeling that you’re being totally scammed and cheated but don’t quite understand why?    Do you believe that there must be, and there surely are, both common law and constitutional reasons why the system that exists is all wrong?  There is no good reason to get lost in the woods and waste your time on quick fixes or illusory loan modifications.  The entire  system is corrupt and rotten to the core and the idea solution would be a national mortgage strike.  So why should you lose your home to pretenders and imposters who prop up the house of cards with glue and occasionally cement that’s more solid than the cards themselves?   I have been been successfully teaching and orienting people in regard to their rights and how to save their homes from foreclosure.  There is no good reason to lose your home if it is important to you, if you’ve invested your blood, toil, sweat, and tears into it—I suggest that you fight to keep your home by learning the rotten gangsterism that keeps the mortgage finance system afloat, and learn how to fight it, and in the end, prevail over the racket completely or at least knee-cap the knee-cappers and keep your home, for yourself, your children, and really, for the future of America.

Contact Robert at or call now 860-599-5557

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