Charles Lincoln is North-by-Northeast for June-July 2009

Charlie, now 16 5/6 years old, is back at Harvard Summer School for a second summer.  My son loves this place, the environment inside and outside of “the Yard.”  It is a great place to be and connect with our past and present.  So I’m camping out in the Cambridge vicinity again, flat broke but doing whatever I can to get to know my son well and make up for those awful years when the vile Republican Socialist Judges, Lawyers, and Social-Workers/”Guardians ad Litem” who run the Texas Family Courts in Williamson County kept us apart by hijacking our fundamental rights.  My wife and I had promised each other that we would never divorce, but instead (largely, I’d say, because of social pressure) we’ve gone through the process twice now, neither time very satisfactorily or ad all conclusively.  

Those perverted, twisted anti-Family Williamson County Family Court Monsters and all their  mockeries of  truth, justice, and the American way: Judge Michael Jergins, Laurie J. Nowlin, J. Randall Grimes, and James F. Clawson made all our lives a living hell for five years.   I am proud to have rejected the system—proud that I had the courage and just said “NO” to participating in it.  I am proud that I would not compromise with evil, even when my failure to compromise (in the short run) hurt me and the growing boy I love more than anyone else.  In the long run, well, they made me who I am, and now I have dedicated my life to the expunction of their customs, practices, and policies from the judicial map in America.

I suppose in a sense, however, I owe those Williamson County thugs and troglodytes a big hearty, ironic, “thank you” in that they, together with assistant Texas Attorney General J. Carlton Todd and Williamson County ogre Michael P. Davis opened my eyes to the reality of governmental program to obtain and exercise complete control over the family, private property, and the state.  The only thing that held me together those five years of constant struggle from July 2002-July 2007 was prayer, the Church, and my growing sense of destiny that I was born to fight this fight against the evils of Corporate-State Socialism in America.  Last week I was in Philadelphia for the first (and quite possibly, I would hope, the last) hearing in Berg v. Taitz, which I would rate as one of the stupidest lawsuits I’ve ever seen in my life—two unique Political radicals originally dedicated to the same worthy cause of deposing de facto President Barack Obama fighting each other inside the system they would be more likely to reform if they worked together.   Ironically enough, in the middle of this necessary but most unworthy fight, I did see a rare good judge in action: the Honorable Eduardo C. Robreno of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.   I was pleased and honored to be on the side of the clear winner in the case, Dr. Orly Taitz, who did not win an outright dismissal of the case on the first go-round but instead was awarded a triple order-to-show cause entered against former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg.  I have literally never seen an attorney sanctioned with not one but three orders to show cause in a single case.  It is a much heavier burden on the losing party than “mere dismissal” ever would or could have been.   Dr. Taitz is a wonderful woman of great conviction and boundless energy, but it was very sad to imagine what she and Berg could have accomplished in these times of crisis if they worked together instead of competing with each other.  After Philadelphia I met with a chap named Robert Ponte who is trying to develop a new strategy to enable me more effectively to fight mortgage fraud by finding the people best able to do so.  Robert calls himself a “spiritual patriot” (i.e. non-violent) and is developing a new website >  I could never have thought of a more appropriate name.  It was spiritual peace that kept me going 2002-2007.  It was spiritual peace that I found on the two distinct but related occasions when I was arrested in August 2006 and December 2007 by the order of tyrannical judges in George H.W. Bush’s “home” district—the Southern District of Texas, centered in Houston.  These judges have no sense of justice but too much enjoyed their immunity from liability for constitutional violations and accordingly spend too much of their time throwing their weight around to land on (and sometimes break) the necks of proud but otherwise innocent people.  One of the great experiences of my dual arrests (as I have repeatedly stated) was the people I met in connection therewith.  The case of Jacques Jaikaran, formerly distinguished plastic surgeon, born in Guyana, and author of the far-seeing book, “The Debt Virus”, is one of the most horrible stories of judicial abuse and torment with which I have ever had any personal contact.  Jaikaran was in essence enslaved (quite literally) by the distinctly NOT so Honorable Judge Lynn N. Hughes (who had ordered my arrest in August 2006 on charges of “he just wanted to talk to me”), and Jaikaran has remained in a state of supervised/involuntary servitude, in-and-out of jail for civil contempt, ever since.  It is a little known fact that Judges, for purposes of “civil, coercive” (i.e. supposedly non-punitive) contempt can literally hold any prisoner as long as they want to and essentially for any reason they want to.

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