Who’s real? Who’s fake? What’s real? What’s fake? Barack Obama vs. his Birth Certificates

Obama’s Birth Certificate from the District of Mombasa, Coastal Province, Kenya?

Barnett (and Keyes and O’Neil, etc.) v. Barack Obama, Motion for Letters Rogatory

I’m writing from LAX.  If I don’t fall asleep and miss my flight I’ll be back ad Cantabridgia in Republica Massachusettensium with 12-hours to a year…. LAX is not a fun place to spend the night.  I look forward to getting back to the routine of fighting mortgage foreclosures and trying to suggest reforms in the financial system.  Political/Constitutional litigation with Dr. Orly Taitz is really too taxing physically and emotionally, and way depressingly non-remunerative, but it surely is interesting.  When I was 13 James D. St. Clair, one of Richard M. Nixon’s top attorneys during Watergate, came to my high school to give a lecture and have a brunch.  I told him I was interested in being a Constitutional Lawyer, and that I supported the President.  He smiled and said that there weren’t many opportunities like that one to test separation of powers and Presidential immunity.  As peculiar as Watergate was, I’m now involved in a much more peculiar situation, the case of Barack Hussein Obama.  The United States’ first African-American President may well turn out to be merely an African President who came to America (and yes, this scenario does sound kind of like a movie that came out several years ago).   I would have preferred Jesse Jackson, honestly, to Barack Obama because I think Jesse never lied about his intentions or sucked up to big money the way this Columbia- Harvard-Chicago guy does.  He’s a half-black man wearing the white shoes associated with the highest and snobbiest level of the legal elite.

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