Wells Fargo Flap in Malibu.

Even though this story is being reported by the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times do not be fooled that these papers are working for you or our communities.  Yea it is way bad that a Wells Fargo Exec. is taking advantage of a Malibu, CA empty foreclosed property by squatting there and throwing private parties.  The real issues of banks gone bad is never reported by major media. The bank or servicing co. is not being the holder in due course on most if not all loans and many other issues never get reported and we still allow most foreclosures to go through even though they have NO rights to the property in the first place. The NY Times, WSJ and many others are not working for you at all.  They just report on stories like this only to sell papers and divert us from the real issues of the fraud going on right under our noses. Want to do something to help or help yourself?  Do you think you might lose your home in foreclosure and to a servicing company no less?  Are you behind in your payments?  Is your home worth less now than the mortgage balance?  Contact us now for your own personel property or you may want to join our class action suit we are putting together against Wells Fargo?

One response to “Wells Fargo Flap in Malibu.

  1. Yeah, it is about time…I wish this would be done in L.A. ..not only that stores that have signs in languages other than English should be fined and told to change or lose their bus…I personnelly will call Wells Fargo and tell them I will not do bus. with them or companies who do until they change their ways like I did with Millers and Coke a Cola…

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