Wake Up Call to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

You would think that tens of thousands of home owners would be in court standing their ground and just asking some simple questions about why anyone has the right to take their families home.  But they are not.  Just look at the sad statistics.  In the last 3 years 6 Million homes have been taken mostly illegally.  This number is only going to increase in the coming months and years.  I do not have the exact number of  cases were people are exersising their rights but by some estimates it is less than fifty thousand!  Why do you think this is the case?  We believe like most things in life people are just to dependent on getting the information they need from main stream media.  Niniety percent of the major publications, TV and Internet sites have next to nothing about all the fraud going on in banking, government and big business in gerneral.  Get on the net and think for yourself.  Ask questions in search engines like, “foreclosure help” ” Can I save my home” and many other terms and phrases will bring you a wealth of information not found on TV or major publications.  If you have questions call Robert at 860-599-5557

One response to “Wake Up Call to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

  1. NewEnglandPatriot

    This is a very interesting a timely article. We have three investments properties, and unfortunately, during the last year, but especially the last six months, so many tenants have either broken their leases and left or simply not paid the rent. The result is that we have contacted the banks holding the mortgages stating that we can no longer make our payments.

    Just today, we found out that another tenant who has paid his rent religiously for the last three years has been laid off. Another from the same building told us that he is breaking his lease and moving in with a friend for medical reasons (we believe him, but aren’t happy he’s breaking the lease).

    Up until two months ago, we had no other debt other than the mortgages. We now have some credit card debt as well, which we haven’t had in almost 20 years.

    We have contacted all of the banks involved (3) about refinancing. One said yes immediately once we sat down with them. Wells Fargo, the holder of our personal residence mortgage, said their files were in disarray and to call back next week. We are attempting to refinance with the third bank on the other investment property.

    We have never missed a mortgage payment in our lives. Are we doing the right thing?

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