Why Tierra Limpia and Deo Vindice Supported Constitutional Eligibility Litigation

The Tierra Limpia Trust and Deo Vindice exist to advocate and support the restoration of an economy based on hard capital investment and productivity rather than soft credit debt and monetary inflation.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, after two full centuries of incredible economic and political achievement, the United States of America effectively died as an Industrial power and ceased producing new wealth.  The successive monetary policies of the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations have sought to camouflage this reality by replacing productivity with inflationary extensions of ersatz credit, based on nothing more than the “full faith and credit” of the United States government.  It is a tribute to the prestige accumulated by American Government and Industry over the previous two centuries that the “full faith and credit” cushioned the American people from the massive exportation of  U.S. productivity to Japan, Korea, China, India, and to a lesser degree, Latin America, but the effective financial “pyramid” or Ponzi scheme was doomed to failure.

That failure finally crystallized and became embedded in cement during the administration of George W. Bush, when one final explosion of inflationary credit fueled one final decade of consumerist splurging based on one sole economic indicator alone: home constructions and home sales.  Previously underdeveloped areas from the Florida Gulf Coast along the US 19-US 90 Corridors from Naples and Pinellas (St. Petersburg) to Pensacola, to every last unconstructed acre of Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties in California and Colin, Montgomery, and Williamson Counties in Texas were filled by 2005-2006 with excess construction of apartment complexes, modest homes, and even mass produced “McMansions”—the demand for which was only created by extensions of credit unthinkable in a stable or governmentally unsubsidized “free capitalistic” economy.  There was no new American capital except for credit, and the home construction boom of the first decade of the new millennium was farcical for its transparent pointlessness.  The politicians and bankers simply sought to pad a few more “fat” years onto the lean and muscular monuments of American achievement, the machinery of which ground to a halt just in time for the bicentennial.

One of the inventions of the last quarter of the 20th century was the derivative security, which permitted investment bankers and stockbrokers to continue peddling stocks and bonds to the drunken, gambling, “casino” society of the 1980s and ‘90s, and thus permitted the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ to continue to rise when new issues based on new industrial innovation or productive strategies of any kind were simply unthinkable.

The cynic would say that capitalism had reached its apogee, and the only “innovators” were those last capitalists whom Lenin had predicted would sell the rope to the communists with which to hang the last capitalists.  And those “last capitalists” were the investment bankers and lawyers who formulated the derivatives, whose purpose was, essentially, to act as the noose around the neck of capitalism which would strangle private property and bourgeois freedom, and snap the neck of all the productive energy or initiative that remained in the American population.

So derivative securities were invented to convert ersatz credit into asset-backed securities—reclassifying debt with majestic Orwellian inverted newspeak as wealth, and denigrating all capital accumulations as takeover targets to be leveraged and “bought out.”  Excessive credit would rapidly absorb all remaining equity in the bankrupt capitalist world, and communism or some state-controlled form of corporate socialism would emerge from the wreckage.  That is the world we live in now.

When first introduced to her, after learning of her one-woman crusade, we supported the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz to void the election of 2008 as procured by fraud and the inauguration of January 20, 2009, as carried out under false pretenses. Because this political position may have at first appeared to some to have nothing to do with our primary mission of restoring integrity to the financial system, and in the process saving people’s homes and property from wrongful foreclosure, a few words of explanation at this time would appear to be necessary.

Anyone who knows the history of the words “Deo Vindice” know that no nation can long survive on credit unsupported by commercial viable production of capital, but at this point in history, the United States has been operating without any net production of capital for at least thirty years.
Deo Vindice and the Tierra Limpia Trust exist to advance and support the proposition that hard capital monetary policy stands as the rock solid foundation of freedom and liberty on the one hand, and the rational guarantor of justice and fairness on the other. We believe that many artificial differences between left and right in this country would be erased by the “old time religion” of genuine capitalism based on production of wealth rather than pure consumption. In fact, all good things flow from rational economics, and rational economics can only arise in a productive environment. For example, many on the so-called “left” believe that we are destroying the economy by reckless, irresponsible growth and use of resources.
Restoration of a substantive-based economy released from formal (and in fact governmentally monopolistic/despotic) restraints on creation of “money” and “creditworthiness” [based in large part on contributions of income to Social Security and through the income tax] will curb irrational growth based on frivolous extensions of credit for environmentally unsound projects. If we restore responsibility and self-reliance—people will not use their land or resources wastefully. There will be fewer or no cancerous growths of cardboard-cracker-box communities in Florida or Southeast-Texas & Louisiana swamps, North, Central, and West Texas grasslands, and the deserts of California, Arizona, and Nevada if there are no idiotic extensions of credit to “develop” them—and indeed, most recent economic “growth” and “business activity” in the U.S. can be traced to irresponsible building in such environmentally disadvantaged places. Hard money capitalists do not waste their hard capital—they do the best “cost-benefit” analyses possible and build and develop only where they can maximize the natural advantage of population and landscape. It is the U.S. Government which has fomented all these potentially disastrous, wasteful, and indeed ecologically unsound economic growth spurts in bad places—which are “bad” in so many different ways.
And it was for all these reasons of opposing economic recklessness spurred on by “incentive-based socialism” that Deo Vindice and Tierra Limpia briefly joined together with Dr. Orly Taitz and her “Defend our Freedoms Foundation” to attempt to remove, if we could, the de facto President Barack Hussein Obama.
Senator Barack Obama, even during the campaign of 2008, advocated the creation of an “Urban Development Bank” and it was at that moment that I knew this man was a terrible threat to the country.
Since taking office, the de facto President has accelerated spending to an incredible/unbelievable degree. This level of governmental interference and involvement in the economy has simply reached intolerable levels, barely six months after the inauguration of the “Brave New World” on January 20, 2009.
Dr. Orly Taitz, as an attorney, and her “Defend our Freedoms Foundation” appeared to want to take the lead in the fight against Obama. Orly sought my assistance and I, since late May/early June 2009, committed myself and the resources of Tierra Limpia/Deo Vindice to Orly’s crusade against the illegitimate and unconstitutional Presidency of Barack Obama, and Orly promised  in turn expressly committed her status and standing as well her amazing courtroom presence and presentation to the cause of mortgage redemption and property vindication.  We have now parted ways because Dr. Orly Taitz has reneged on her promises, and has in fact turned against us.  The reasons for this sad turn of events are multifarious and complex, more personal than really political, and reflect the tragedy of human life that we are “human, all too human.”  But Dr. Taitz has revealed some very strange and negative personality traits in her handling of all this—an irrational and vengeful side of herself which I suppose I saw all along, but in my infatuation with her qualities, willfully chose to ignore.  Orly Taitz’ energy is a great asset, but she has neither the common sense nor the education nor the professional skills nor the self-discipline to make a major political or legal crusade work.

None of this actually changes the reality of why I believed in her, and why I continue to believe in the goals that we worked for.  I would still like to find a backer willing to implement my own strategies of litigation against the de facto President, which would doubtless involve turning towards Washington D.C., and a Petition for Writ of Quo Warranto in the District of Columbia, as Leo Donofrio has consistently advocated, and as Orly and I discussed before our final “separation” on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, a perfidious day which will live in infamy along with December 7, 1941, at least in my own life and mind.
None of my basic purposes or programs have changed: I urge every reader to continually study and try to understand the complex relationship between politics, political-monetary policy and the current mortgage crisis. Current “soft credit” monetary policy is socialistic and therefore utterly incompatible with the traditional “Common Law” foundations of the economy in which “Fiat Money” (money created, just as God created light at the beginning of time [compare Genesis I in Jerome’s Vulgate Bible “Fiat Lux“], from nothing). Barack Obama is the extremist of all extremists in the soft-money credit department.
Obama’s administration is struggling to uphold the rot of the soft-credit economy he inherited from an allegedly “Conservative Republican” President—a “Conservative Republican” who shunned all notions of true capitalism, individual responsibility, or adherence to the constitution. George W. Bush presided over a despicable decline in our Country’s moral fibre and economic integrity, but Barack Hussein Obama has taken office with the apparent intention and purpose of putting our beloved country “out of its misery”—the hard way….
What is the relevance of Obama’s birth certificate to monetary policy? Well, I personally despise Obama’s arrogance, repeatedly demonstrated lack of candor, and I submit that his unwillingness to disclose the true details concerning his birth arouse reasonable suspicions in many reasonable people, whether or not they actually evidence and bespeak technical constitutional ineligibility by reason of birth, to start off with. Such technical ineligibility might constitute a minor and possibly trivial reason to remove Obama compared to the character flaws, which his behavior unequivocally attests, regardless of the true facts of his birth.
If you or I were Obama, and you or I had been born in a foreign land, you or I should and (I hope!) would admit it and suggest that all Americans (even the Native Americans, if you trace them back far enough) eventually came from somewhere else, and that you or I should be deemed qualified based on our honesty, integrity and ability to do the job, and (again I hope!) that we would candidly but directly ask the people of the United States to accept one of us or both of us as an exception to the rule, or else to repeal the rule by Constitutional Amendment: “because it would be better to save the whole constitution regarding the will of the people and democratic elections by breaking a single clause, than to sabotage the constitution as a whole by obeying a single clause.”
But the truth is that Barack Obama has none of these qualities or qualifications, nor does he have the integrity or humility to speak the truth and be judged upon it. OBAMA’S REJECTION AND SUPPRESSION OF ALL QUESTIONS, his unwillingness to answer doubts about himself, his identity, his qualifications, or even his positions on the issues bespeaks an unconscionable arrogance utterly unacceptable in a democratic society. Even some supporters recognize and admit that Barack Obama’s attitude towards campaign promises is that it is laughable to expect a candidate to keep his word once elected.
More sinister it is, more damning we at Deo Vindice find it and charge that it is, that in the course of trying to verify Barack Hussein Obama’s identity, Dr. Orly Taitz has discovered and now presented to the United States District Court for the Central District of California some substantial and extensive evidence that Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama have maintained dozens, perhaps hundreds, of apparently fictitious addresses throughout the United States associated with several dozen apparently fictitious social security numbers, and many fictitious employment positions. In other words, their entire lives appear to be tangled webs of bizarre and unfathomable lies.
His missing original birth certificate, the possibility that Barack Obama was born in Kenya or is otherwise classifiable as a foreign citizen residing illegally in the territory of the United States, pales in comparison with the notion that, prior to ascending to the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama engaged in a pattern of consistent criminal conduct with regard to his identity which defies imagination.
We at Deo Vindice supported Dr. Orly Taitz’ litigation to prove that Barack Hussein Obama has engaged in, and in fact obtained the Presidency of the United States, through an unparalleled pattern of racketeering and related criminal conduct, and thereby inflicted irreparable injury on the United States and its people, and that he has nearly snuffed out the Constitution, not just in regard to his election, but every policy which he has pursued and implemented since his election.
His apparent crimes of manipulation of identity and social security numbers and employment bepeak all of the flaws and internal inconsistencies of the Federal Reserve—IRS—Social Security—Welfare-based economy. The manipulation of social security numbers is a crime unfathomable to any economy which was not based on redistribution of wealth. The tax and credit-based economy uses these identity numbers as measures or indices of wealth, but it is false wealth and false integrity to participate in a system which directly and proportionally punishes increasingly large accumulations of capital and ultimately seeks to destroy such accumulations, especially when coupled with private property.
It is our understanding of the fiat-money and non-capitalist but purely credit-based economic system and its relation to wealth and private property which has created Deo Vindice and Tierra Limpia and which impels them to specific action against mortgage fraud, and to general action against the fraudulent economy, which is so plainly the home and playground of Barack H. Obama.
Because only Dr. Orly Taitz appeared to have the courage and perseverance to expose the details behind Barack Obama’s career of lies and deception, we supported her litigation efforts with our labor, and we urged anyone who supported our program [namely our primary mission to redeem ownership and control property for the people from the government-sponsored banks and to destroy the false-money/house-of-credit cards economy once and for all] to support her.

We can no longer support Dr. Taitz because she has broken faith with us.  She is engaged in the most absurd defamatory tactics and antics for the most absurd reasons.  She is, I have discovered, largely and destructive controlled and manipulated in her actions and decisions by her dependence on her husband Yosef Taitz, who appears from what Orly says to be the very lowest and most degenerate kind of man.   Orly took care that over five months of association I never met him, but his role in the demise of our cooperation was extremely clear. Orly’s energy and passion—so good, with such potential to be great.  Orly’s aim and organization—disastrous. I had put a great deal of hope and aspiration in and relating to my alliance with her, but all these things are over now.  She will not represent the Wells Fargo Class Action or any other mortgage litigation.  She is actively trying to sabotage these causes by personal, vindictive attacks on me.

I can only reiterate that I am very, very interested in exploring the jurisprudence of quo warranto against Barack Obama, and would happily engage in dialogue with anyone interested in launching another round of litigation in Washington, D.C., either an army of pro se petitioners or a class represented by COMPETENT counsel.

4 responses to “Why Tierra Limpia and Deo Vindice Supported Constitutional Eligibility Litigation

  1. Orly Taitz has behaved so badly, acted so imprudently, and damaged the eligibility issue to greatly that one must question whether or not she is actually working to sustain Obama’s masquerade. She knows full well that the only venue in which to challenge Obama’s eligibility is in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. Yet, she continues to bring her cases before other courts – and she is reprimanded by the Judges for bad behavior (see Judge Carter re: Orly’s soliciting phone calls and letters to the Court).

    Oh, Leo! Oh, Leo! Oh, Leo! Please do not abandon us.

    • I think that those of us concerned with the eligibility issue need to find a way to lodge a petition for quo warranto in the District of Columbia without Orly, possibly without any attorney at all, just a mass petition signed by hundreds or even thousands of people. I believe that Judge Carter COULD have applied quo warranto in California based on choice-of-law provisions (or under the guarantees of the First and Ninth Petitions, taken together)—and there is evidence that Obama maintained addresses in the Central District of California—but Judge Carter chose not to do any such thing, for whatever reasons. Orly simply does not have the right personality or the work ethic to approach complex issues. She has already accused me (or her remaining supporters have) of working for Obama so I’m not going to play that game and say that she’s actually trying to sustain Obama’s masquerade. No, Orly’s heart is totally in the right place, it’s her head that’s totally messed up and, well, controlled by others (but not by Obama). I care deeply for Orly and feel very sorry for her. She is naive and unworldly (inside) but has built a thick protective shell around that core of very old-fashioned feminine weakness that appears to the rest of the word to be callous, harsh, rash and imprudent, as you said, but also paranoid, shrill, vengeful, and vicious that nobody in the outside world knows her for what she really is: a passionate woman who fears the resurrection of communism that she grew up with. She is best on the speaker’s circuit, very bad in the courtroom (Judge Carter gave her CHANCE after CHANCE after CHANCE, even on October 5, all of which she ignored and/or misused), but worst where it counts most: in the law library researching and drafting. That’s where I came in and tried to help her, but she was simply unwilling to be educated or helped. I remain willing to work with anyone who will listen on the cause. As a matter of fact, I feel very sad and in fact guilty that my personal disaster with Orly has had a negative impact on the Constitutional Eligibility movement, although on the other hand, Orly would have gotten close to ZERO attention for her litigation activities since May if I hadn’t been there for her. I am looking for a new leader, or perhaps a new underwriter who would support (as suggested above) a massive pro-se petition, signed by hundreds or even thousands.

  2. Dr. Lincoln – Orly Taitz has filed a document in the Rivernider matter saying she never signed the document in question, that it is a forgery and that you are probably the one who forged her signature.

    Since Mr. Rivernider says you sent it to him, perhaps you can clear up for us whether it was a forgery, or whether you had Ms. Taitz’s permission to sign, either express permission or based on custom and practice.

    Is this where she is throwing you to the wolves, so to speak?

    • Dr. Taitz is treading a very thin line between perjury and mere “false lights” defamation. Her new sanctions-defense attorney Jonathan H. Levy probably drafted her beautifully worded affidavit in which she avoids being so specific as to have committed perjury while saying just enough to be accusatory. Dr. Taitz’ purpose in falsely charging me is to get herself out of hot water with her supporters and family. I understand that. I worked hard for her, but she took very little of my advice, especially my advice to “slow down.” She has crashed and burned so many times, you’d think she’d learn how to take her foot of the pedal, but instead, ironically, my last visit to any court with her was on Tuesday, November 3, 2009, when I accompanied her to Traffic Court and encouraged her demand a trial-by-jury for (you knew it)—SPEEDING. Orly needs to stop speeding and start thinking, and maybe even “leave the driving” to others for a while. She has treated me in a perfidious and treacherous manner, in addition to defaming me/trying to falsely accuse me without actually doing so explicitly. I was quite in love with her for a while, but I’m getting over it…. In fact, I’m beginning to be objective enough about my experience with her to realize that what my friends all said was probably true…..and wondering how exactly she’s paying Mr. Jonathan H. Levy….with what currency or “exchange” of services…. It does seem as though Orly started radically changing her attitude towards me when we were in New York City the last time, around October 13, 2009, when the Clay D. Land sanctions came down. She had refused to follow my cautionary warnings every step of the way, always wanting to hurry up and file something, anything, rather than thinking it through. She said her supporters would all drop her if she asked for an enlargement of time—so better to do something, no matter how stupid, than think it through and risk being accused of “inaction.” As for your question whether she’s “feeding me to the wolves” or not… well, Orly probably isn’t credible enough to make her charges stick, even if she made precise charges. I honestly don’t feel that I’ve been “fed to the wolves” by Orly because “the wolves” are typically most interested in fresh meat, on the one hand, and easy kills, on the other, and I suspect that I appear to be neither. But Orly has herself behaved in a fairly rabid, lupine manner towards me, in all of her complex of categories such as my attorney, employer, friend, lover, and real estate trust counselor and colleague. Have you noticed how every single person in her world ends up being either a traitor or a plant for Obama or something? Orly revels in throwing bricks at other people but doesn’t seem to realize how thin is the glass on her own house….. Frankly, now that I’ve had a month to stand back and watch her without me, I wish she’d just fully and finally give up and leave the fight to those who have the calm perseverance to fight and frame their arguments well instead of rushing madly, madly, madly into every other fray. I pray that Orly will NOT file anymore lawsuits. She has simply burned the entire eligibility movement too badly. The enforcement of the Constitution is a serious matter, and it should not be left to those who make wild unthinking allegations against absolutely everybody. I honestly believe that if Orly had EVER listened to me talk, we could have presented a much better case, with better results, to Judge Carter. It might have involved working with some other people she doesn’t like, even including perhaps Gary Kreep, but it could have been done.

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