Charlie arrived on the Winter Solstice, still looking at schools

So we went to UCLA; Charlie had just finished an on-line session with Dartmouth. He’s now also had personal interviews with representatives of Brown, Harvard, and Yale…. We are hopeful he’ll turn out better than his mom and dad ever did…. And so far, things look pretty good… I expect Charlie will be going to a fine school next year, I just don’t know which one.  I am certainly he’ll be everything his dad wasn’t: happy, healthy, stable (especially in his romantic relationships), successful, well-adjusted, have tons of friends….. and that he’ll enjoy every minute of every day wherever he ends up, because there’s nothing more fun than learning and growing…..

The Winter Solstice at cerca 3:30 PM on the UCLA "Midway"

December 21, 2009 is the Shortest Day of the Year

Winter Solstice at UCLA, cerca 3:30 p.m.

CEL III and CEL IV wandering around UCLA on the Winter Solstice

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