Final (???) Footnote to “Light Vanity, Insatiate Cormorant”

I hope and pray that this is the last time I will be called on, on this blog/website, to say anything more about Orly Taitz, but I keep getting bizarre hate-mail about it—and I wish all you tragically bored people would go out to rent DVDs or something, or maybe study the reality that private property is being abolished and destroyed by the mortgage crisis in America, or reflect on the reality that Barack H. Obama is neither a better nor significantly worse President than George W. Bush, that the differences between them are “skin deep” at best, and that every awful policy that Obama is implementing or perpetuating right now started under either Bush or even Clinton.  Our country is a tragic ghost of itself, and I for one see only governmentally imposed death and destruction for the American dream in our future, death and destruction for the Constitution, and death and destruction for everything that is good, positive, and constructive in our civilization and heritage.  But here is ONE LAST COMMENT on what some not-all-together inaccurate critics have called “The Charlie and Orly Melodrama/Country Western Songfest”:

Dear Tony Sparrow:
I don’t know who the blazes you are or what you do or where you get off judging me and Orly, or even being semi-interested in another person’s semi-personal semi-tragic love affair, but to the degree that you keep semi-intruding upon my space here to make nasty comments, I shall respond to you once more, but I will actually address this to the world as well:
I suppose I need to clarify something to everyone who wants to try to engage me in discussions about Orly Taitz: it is over. I am sorry it’s over. She made a big positive difference in my life while we were together but now she’s more than made up for it by making a really seriously negative difference in my life since we’ve broken up. It has all been very embarrassing for me and my family. The bottom line on my personal and professional relationship with Orly is the same: they are both OVER and they both would have ended much better if she had every listened to my advice, INCLUDING my advice about Lucas Daniel Smith.
I am truly sorry that Orly felt it necessary to strike out at me by making totally and unforgivably false accusations against me, but she has lied, very nearly perjured herself against me in fact, and I have nothing more to say about the matter than this: I never forged her signature on any document at all in any sense of the term “forged” so please stop asking me whether I actually signed it with her permission or without her permission. I have definitely hand-signed documents with Orly’s express permission on multiple occasions but I have never done so without her permission, and I did not do so on October 30, 2009, in relation to U.S. District Judge Dimitrouleas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I am sick of the degree to which some people seem obsessed with this issue. I for my part am totally over it. All the rest after this is just “settling up accounts.”
Orly is a acting like a petty, vengeful cat who got caught in the catnip jar and so are all her supporters who keep writing me hate mail. GROW UP, PEOPLE! Learn to recognize spiteful post-romantic vengeance when you see it. Learn to recognize a cover-up and a distraction when you see it. Some of you hate Obama but love Bush, suspect Obama of being a Muslim or “soft on terrorism” but don’t recognize Bush as among the worst terrorists in World History for what he did to his own country on 9/11/2001.
As for Lucas Daniel Smith, one final note: it’s not my fault that he blabbed about me and Orly. It was not so much that I ever “bragged” to him about Orly as that Orly was careless and casual about whether we were “seen” together by others living at 4 Via Corbina and since she made no effort to disguise what the true nature of our relationship was, it seemed to me there was no point in keeping secrets or not responding to questions. Everyone knew that Orly argued with Peyton (when he gave good advice), with me (pretty much about everything), and with Lucas. So it was natural of Lucas to ask what the real nature of my relationship with Orly was, and it was natural and not at all “ungentlemanly” of me to answer, since there were, at that time, without our group, absolutely positively no secrets.
But by making it public to the world, Lucas betrayed and injured me as well as Orly. But Orly treated him worse than he treated Orly, and in light of what I have seen, Orly apparently has a very light and frivolous notion of what is truth and what is falsehood, and Lucas has recently explained to me in greater detail by what he meant on 10/12/09 when he accused her of asking him to lie, and I believe what Lucas said is consistent with other behavior I have seen on Orly’s part.
At this point in time, I can honestly say I forgive Lucas the anger I felt against him, because Orly is just so damned difficult.
IF Orly would just shut up and stop accusing me of stupid things. I remain astounded at the whole forgery of a duplicate motion accusation, because if she admits she signed it once, why wouldn’t she admit to signing it twice with no significant alterations, except for dates?
I expect, I hope, this will be my last extra-judicial public comment or response to anything to do with my remarkably short but intense romance with Orly Taitz. She was a delightful companion and I miss her, but it is SOOO over and not worth talking about anymore….except in court…..and there only because SHE insisted on it….
So, in conclusion,
My Dear Fellow-Harvardian Tony Sparrow (and are you REALLY a graduate of Which school or degree program Exactly in ’00?):
Should you or anyone else wish to fight with me in Court or “like gentlemen” on any other field of honor, I am not only game but anxious—but please don’t waste my time. If you want to litigate the truth in a “paper court”, please choose an appropriate venue and jurisdiction.
If you want to “fight it out”—I think there are lots of open spaces in Sonora or Baja California where the pusillanimous weak-kneed laws against dueling are less likely to be enforced. Because of my “colorful” life history I cannot own or possess a gun in the United States, but while traveling abroad, it would seem to be a completely different matter, wouldn’t it?

4 responses to “Final (???) Footnote to “Light Vanity, Insatiate Cormorant”

  1. Hey, Charley, having talked to a friend who believes your story and thinks it’s justifyable, I’m starting to wonder if my earlier harsh judgment was entirely justified. Just thought I’d pass that on.

    • That’s a qualified and limited “retraction” if ever I saw one, but given the severity of what you wrote before, and of my response, I’ll accept your “starting to wonder” as a gesture of “Peace on Earth” for the 4th day of Christmas—“4 Calling Birds” day—(I have no idea whether it’s true or not, or what exactly to do with such facts if they are true, but some people think that there’s allegorical significance to all the presents listed in the “12 Days of Christmas” song, and that “4 Calling Birds refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists”), but December 28 is definitely the 4th day of Christmas….

  2. You’re right. It’s not a retraction per se. It’s just that I do put some credence in my friend’s opinions and your further discussion hasn’t decreased that. I did pass on our conversation to Orly via FB and she’s been wanting to talk to me, supposedly about an affidavit but she hasn’t answered my calls which happened around my mother’s severe illness and then death a couple weeks ago, which I didn’t appreciate. I’m thinking you two should get together, see if you can patch up wounds and work together to defeat the Usurper in DC on Quo Warranto.

    • Let me guess, Orly would like you to do an affidavit to submit to Judge Dimitrouleas? What does she want you to say, I wonder, about our little exchange of pleasantries here? I have been working on a Motion to Strike all that c__p (pure garbage, pura caca de vaca) she’s been filing in the U.S.D.C. S.D.Fla. but by the time I finish one thing she’s submitted something else….
      So, I think, some serious retractions on ORLY’s part would be necessary before we could ever work together again, that’s for sure. Anyhow, quite aside from our exchange of ideas etc. around here, I’m very sorry to hear about your mother’s illness and death. A close friend of mine in Palm Beach, Florida, lost her mother in November. It happens that was my very same close friend who introduced me to Orly in the first place, but it’s not her fault that things “went south.” I remain committed to the proposition that Obama is the worst President these United States have ever had, even including GWB and Clinton (although in one sense it seems that the decline is fairly steady, every President is worse than the last one ever since our last “high point of hope” during Ronald Reagan’s first term…..even he was sullied by Iran-Contra…..he won in large part because of Iran and then directly or indirectly countenanced arms dealing with the enemy….it was one of the sadder days. I basically loved Governor Reagan and everything he did in and for California….but at least on the Domestic side his Presidency, and the exponential increase in the national debt, and the failure to restore the Gold Standard…..were all great disappointments….and his failure to abolish the Department of Education (which had been one of his campaign promises)….and the use of corporate stimulus welfare…..all ultimately led to the current Obamanation in which we live…

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