Two years ago, today, on Groundhog Day 2008—I emerged from a Black Hole!

I want to thank Bill Trudelle, Nancy Jo Grant, Jerry O’Neil, Peyton Yates Freiman, Bob Hurt, and my son Charlie who have all been so steadfast since the occasions, transactions, and occurrences giving rise to this web-blog transpired.   The 54 days preceding the last two years were among the roughest and strangest of my life.  They have changed my thinking about life and will continue to govern my thoughts until the day I die.  While in Federal Custody I saw a great deal of injustice and met very few if any people I feared or disliked.  The most frightening person (by appearance) was Vance Fecteau the day he and I were arrested in Los Angeles.  He looked AWFUL and I’m not quite sure why.  He turned out to be one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Vance Fecteau and Moshe Leichner were so completely and totally selfless and devoted to sharing in circumstances which would make most people selfish and bitter.  Although it is almost impossible to maintain contact with people “on the inside” when you’re “out”—especially when you’re working hard to rebuild a life—I have never forgotten and will never forget those two amazing men—MDC Los Angeles and the Grady County Jail.  I think ALL AMERICANS need to spend a few days in Jail—just to understand how evil and inhuman incarceration really is.  We all need to know and make friends with FELONS so that we will realize how trivial the criminal laws of this country is.   The men with whom I dined at MDC Los Angeles were among the highest calibre and most interesting group of people I have met in one place outside of the Harvard Faculty Club, Chicago’s Hutchinson Common, and the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C..  The world is upside down, time is out of joint—and cursed spite that I was born to set it right!   The United States needs to open the doors to its prisons and tear them down, or else convert them into hotels or high security storage—for objects, not people.   NONE CAN BE FREE UNTIL ALL ARE FREE!

To Judge Janice Graham Jack and Judge Lynn N. Hughes of the Southern District of Texas I say: “thank you for the privilege of seeing my country’s Heart of Darkness.”    I hope that the opening of the jails in the United States will happen and be celebrated like Bastille Day in France, with much the same symbolism and jubilation.  I pray every day for a revolution in this country—a revolution through the ballot box and the legislatures—so that only impure blood will stain the land of these United States (in the spirit and words of “La Marseilleise”).

I give thanks on Groundhog Day for my present freedom and enlightenment about reality which came to me in the bowels of the Federal System, being kept in caches dragged around like a lame dog in iron chains for 54 days for some Texas Judge’s amusement and the satisfaction of her power.  I will never forget those days.  I will never forget those people.  I will never forget that America incarcerates millions of its own people, and of the people of neighboring countries who came here only, like my ancestors, looking for a better life.   It is the welfare system that draws them all here—the notion that government can save everyone from harm and protect everyone from injury.  But if the price of governmental welfare and security is a nation of jails and prisons, I say let us all take our chances and all the risks that come from breathing free air!  Let us all dismantle our police departments and throw away all their high-tech Patriot-act funded surveillance gear.  Let us go back to a time where we are each our own and our brother’s keepers.  Let us live as free women and men and punish ONLY those who would take our liberties from us.  Let us teach our children to love and not to fear, to nurture and not depend on their fellows, their brothers and sisters, who are in need.   Let us all take our lives in our own hands and banish thoughts of fear and the degradation that has come to us from building bigger and “better” (meaning more secure, less “escapable”) prisons.


3 responses to “Two years ago, today, on Groundhog Day 2008—I emerged from a Black Hole!

  1. Today is July 1st 2012 and I just found out minutes ago that my very wonderful friend Vance Fecteau died while still in prison. I still don’t know the what or the how of his death as if that would even matter. Its my opinion that the only real crime he was ever involved in was the one our justice system visited upon him; a 10 year federal prison sentence. The cruelty of such a punishment for his harmless and victimless offense has now become tragedy by having him in truth served a term of life. The world has become that much more lonely as now it has lost another of the good ones.

    • Christopher Morley

      Is this the Vance Fecteau who lived in Silverlake and and was an auto mechanic? We were very good friends and he disappeared over five years ago. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Than you

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