Note to All Idiots who Care about Convictions for “Crimes of Strict Liability”

There is an evil little dweeb on some websites who hides behind the screen-name “nolu chan“.  It’s hard to know whether it’s worthwhile calling such a non-entity out.  He appears to be a paid blogger without a sufficient number of assignments, because he devotes WAY more time to me than a rational person would do.  So I guess he’s kind of like a wormy cyber-stalker.  And everything he writes about me has just enough grains of sandy truth that I probably couldn’t get MUCH if I sued him for damages, and I’m sure he’s not the sort of person who has the courage to face me one-on-one (either in debate or otherwise) because if he did, he’d surely reveal his name and real identity.  But he seems to think, in his own twisted little way, that he wins points (with whom I have no idea, maybe his cracked mirror?) for attacking me and quoting at length all the rotten tomatoes that were thrown at me by various state bars in the effort to destroy my life—which actually MADE my life what it is today—a crusade to neutralize the power of stupid, slavery-loving liberals like nolu chan. He has devoted a lot of space to my year 2000 conviction for misstating my social security number—and he thinks that he’s really clever.  In particular, he thinks he understand the truth when he clearly hasn’t got a clue and wouldn’t know the truth if it were a rabid raccoon who bit his foot off.  As a matter of fact, truth is a LOT like a rabid raccoon to these people—it won’t stop menacing them and it looks at them with bright red eyes and it won’t die when they try to shoot it with their little bee-bee guns…. I don’t actually intend to disclose my true social security number, but if Nolu is quoting them correctly then apparently the Supreme Court of Florida got the details totally wrong when they decided that they had to imitate the injustices done to me in Texas by repeating them in Florida.  There’s a post by some apparently unemployed idiots on a website which is probably (appears to be, anyhow) populated by “paid-to-blog” writers who have posted about me at url:  People like this disgust me beyond my capacity for belief, but it is worth noting that they are ALL WRONG and that if they are correctly quoting the Florida Supreme Court referee who imposed “reciprocal discipline” upon me by disbarring me in Florida because of my resignation in Texas, then they are even less attentive to details than I would have believed possible.  Convicting anyone s/he wants to convict of a felony without proof of criminal intent or criminal motive or wrongful benefit or profit, by threat of ruinous and lopsided, prosecution is “the bread and butter” of the Modern Federal Prosecutor.   They want to impose sentences of “life” for every crime, including crimes of “strict liability” such as the misstatement FOR ANY REASON of a social security number (including “no imaginable reason at all”).  The basic offense of which I was actually convicted was incredibly trivial (mis-stating two digits of a social security number, OR even three, when nobody was harmed or deceived by the error, if it was my error at all—no original documents available for inspection at any time, of course….), but since they’re making noise about it, they should at least know that my true social security number does not appear below at all, so they are perpetuating not only falsehoods about me but also OFFICIAL falsehoods about me—and it’s ancient history now so WHO CARES? I don’t—if you do, well then, just hope that you never had a dyslexic or forgetful moment in your life (if the charges against me were true) and hope that nobody ever decides to crucify you for an error of the most trivial kind and that, if they can’t find one, decide to MAKE ONE UP to get rid of you, because they need a pretext and you’ve just become too TROUBLESOME to some tyrannical Federal Judge who hates freedom more than he hates life and wants to eliminate both scourges from the Planet as soon as possible, so long as he can convince himself that he is still holding his office “during good behavior.”   For “people” who consider themselves liberal or fair to the underdog, I would just like to point out that, under the Federal Rules of Evidence, ten years ago is a VERY long time…..and what people might or might not have done ten years ago is pretty much IRRELEVANT whether you believe in the virtue of a law license which can be taken away from someone like me and still possessed by someone like the prosecutors who charged me…. well, you’re not very “liberal” or “fair to the underdogs” of our society, in my humble opinion…..

The point of my essay is that laws such as that of which I was convicted (42 U.S.C. 408(a)(7)(B)) are written so as to entrap or permit prosecution of as many people as possible and to “tar and feather” decent folks who stand up to the system with the label of “felons”.  The point of “the people” who write on “the people’s forum” is apparently that they really relish the idea of being able to prosecute “people” like me (who disagree with them) for the most minute and insignificant transgressions, and they hope that the American people will be similarly small-minded (which in my nearly 50 years of life experience, they are not).  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope that the “people” who write “the people’s forum” will realize that “the people” of the United States need to see most Federal Criminal Laws repealed if they want a nation and its young people to respect the integrity of law and concepts such as crime and punishment for really injurious actions…..

As for his social security number, I guess Chuck will have to take it up with the court.

From the   Report of the Referee in the Supreme Court of Florida, a PUBLIC RECORD, at 6:

Respondent hand wrote 484-17-0047, while his correct number is 467-17-0027.

From the   ANSWER BRIEF in the Supreme Court of Florida, a PUBLIC RECORD, at 7:

Respondent hand wrote 484-17-0047, while his correct number is 467-17-0027.

This is a publicly available court document, available on-line directly from the Florida Supreme Court, at the link shown. Anyone can verify that I have provided the numbers as they appear on two court documents.



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