Mardi Gras 2010: Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson Continues her Challenge to the Florida Family Code and Court System!

Happy Mardi Gras!  It is a day of reversal, a day to turn the world upside down.  And that is Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson’s purpose: to turn the modern world of marriage and divorce upside down, to get the state out of the home, not only the bedroom but also the kitchen, the dining room, the TV room, and the backyard, thus restoring both individual liberty and individual responsibility.  There will be full and genuine liberty and equality in the world with the legal reforms Kathy envisions: the state will neither compel the licensing nor the dissolution of any marriage or child custody arrangement, except to the extent of enforcing written contracts..  In fact, the state will be banned from doing so, and therefore limited in its power to license any kind of conduct which constitutes a fundamental right (e.g. marriage) and privacy (the arrangement of the family’s affairs) was intended by the framers of the First and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution.   Judge Richard L. Oftedal had set a final trial (without jury) in Kathy’s case for Friday, February 26, 2010, with all dutiful and compliant Domestic Relations’ litigants falsified but nonetheless self-incriminating evidence due to be created and filed in the court by today, Mardi Gras, February 16, 2010. Order setting trial Feb. 26, 2009.  But Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson is kind of like Xena, Warrior Princess, when it comes to fighting against the Florida Family Courts.  KAGL Objections to Order Setting Trial February 26 2010.  This follows Judge Oftedal’s dismissal Judge Richard L. Oftedal’s February 8, 2010, Order Denying Motion on Leave to Intervene of the latest effort by the Intervenors’ Motion for Leave to Intervene. 1-230 Florida (KAGL) MOTION FOR LEAVE TO INTERVENE .DOC IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT.  Why is a constitutional answer and objection not just as much the subject of a lawsuit as the originally framed relief? Why is the Petitioner alone, in a dissolution case, given full rights to due process of law? Or is he?  Does not the chain that binds a slave to his master equally tether the master to the slave? These issues were addressed in the Notices of Intervention filed by 42 of Kathy’s supporters (including the author of this blog).  Notice of Intervention after Marra’s Dismissal re Younger-Final and Filed

Postscript on February 25, 2010: Judge Oftedal gave a snort of in the form of an Order: ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE (Judge Richard L. Oftedal, Friday February 19 2010) which simply ignored everything Kathy had filed as if it were a bag of sand emptied out on the Sahara or Mojave….the Order does not mention Kathy’s Objections at all, although they are duly recorded on the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Docket Report.  Kathy filed a combined Notice of Appeal of the Order Denying Intervention and the Order to Show Cause pursuant to Rule 9.130 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  Notice of Appeal of Denial of Intervention.  Judge Oftedal is unwilling to hear Kathy’s constitutional challenges and all related issues raised by her or the intervenors, apparently. I think his refusal even to HEAR or allow full briefing of the issues MIGHT just get the attention of the Fourth District Court of Appeals.  Kathy also filed a separate response to his Order to Show Cause, also on February 25, 2010. Response to Order to Show Cause Filed February 25, 2010 in Palm Beach, FL .  Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no vice.  Moderation in Resistance to Tyranny is no virtue.  Reserving the right to refuse to obey orders against one’s conscience is the essence of freedom, the essence of American Democracy, and the one last hope for the world.  The ability to say “NO” or to refuse blind obedience is the most sacred freedom we have.  Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson is reserving this right to say “no”, to refuse to acquiesce in the system.  I applaud her dedication to principle.  Everyone should.  “None can be free until all are free.”

One response to “Mardi Gras 2010: Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson Continues her Challenge to the Florida Family Code and Court System!

  1. Thank you Charles Lincoln for bringing this to our attention!!! and good luck to all who fight!

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