Quick update—the status of my shoestring Senatorial campaign…

Well, there’s something to be said about the relationship between time, money, and organization, but this is neither the time or the place.  The Reader’s Digest version is that Friday (March 12, 2010), in one rather poorly organized and utterly unfunded day of collecting signatures had enough signatures, my devoted supporters and assistants Renada Nadine March and Aurora Diaz had collected enough signed nomination forms from California voters to submit my candidate papers.  Also, Renada confirmed that I was finally a California registered to vote (finally!) making me an eligible resident rather than a mere tourist/visitor.

So here’s what happened: we had the filing fee, and Renada was at the Orange County Elections office, but it turned out that they would not accept signatures of registered voters from Los Angeles or Riverside Counties in Orange County, and so our registration process fell short of what was needed to get us on the ballot, because we had only 46 Orange County Nominating Voters instead of 65, even though with L.A. and Riverside County registrants we had overshot 65 quite enough to make sure that if there were any invalid signatures, it would not matter.  So, as things stand at the moment, I am NOT officially ON THE BALLOT for the June 8, 2010 Democratic Primary…..I can still run as a “Write-In” and I may file suit about the incredible irrationality (in this day and age) of having each county tabulate such a small required number of registrants when the technology exists to verify voter eligibility statewide, and it’s all part of one system….. I also have the option of filing suit concerning the requirement that one cannot run as an Independent except by having NO party affiliation prior to October 1, 2009.  My goal is to run against Barbara Boxer, and I will continue to pursue that goal.  Any thoughts from any quarter would be MOST welcome.  I have registered at this stage but do not have an F.E.C. identification number, so I’m not sure what my status is as far as campaign contributions or the applicability of Federal Election law to me….  ANY advice on that point would also be helpful—so in short, we’re not off to the most swimming start, but such things have never discouraged me in the past….and I won’t give up now….. Have any write-in candidates ever won a statewide election in California?  I doubt it…..

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