From: Guy Fawkes Tuesday, April 27, 2010, Tampa, Florida

The indignity of the Tampa Florida Federal Court House*

Guy Fawkes <>  (This particular Guy Fawkes, author of this article, is a close personal friend who actually does live in Tampa, Florida, but apparently doesn’t go to Federal Court there or anywhere else very often, because he was surprised…. I make this point only to explain/clarify that “” is not now and never was nor is likely ever to be the same person as on the masthead of this website, or the author of the website/bog “Tierra Limpia by Charles Lincoln” or any of the producers, directors, actors, actresses, or supporting staff of the movie “V-for-Vendetta”, a brilliant movie which serves as a very poignant metaphoric simile interpreting and illustrating the truth about 9/11, in the United States, and the first decade of the Third Millenium in the Anglo-American World, generally.”

April 26, 2010 I had the great displeasure of visiting the Federal Court house in down town Tampa Florida. I was asked to drop off some time sensitive legal docs for someone out of the jurisdiction. I was greeted nicely by security personnel outside the building, like the typical sheep I entered and for some reason I decided to surrender my four amendment right not to be unreasonably searched, by passing through a metal detector, providing my photo ID and submitting my wallet to be x-rayed. My belt set off the detector and an overweight African woman asked me to raise my hands, instead I opted to wait for my wallet to come out of the machine before continuing to surrender my right to be left alone by the government. There was no one behind me and it took but 3 seconds to retrieve my wallet, when I was confronted with a hostel tone, “Sir put your arms up arms up”. Quite puzzled by the federal security person demeanor I stood their as she waived her wand and again yelled “put your arms up”, (I did not realize I had to take the full pose of our savior on the cross in order to gain access to the Federal Clerk). Being quit annoyed at the discourteous demeanor I finally replied, “my arms were up but I do not consent to your search I have committed no crime and not given you any probable cause to search me”. At that time this female grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled while sticking her wand up my shirt and said, “ If you come into this building you are going to be searched,” I then told this officer “do not touch me, you have no right to touch me, and I do not want you touching me”. At this point both this female officer and a male counter part started to berate me, and told me if I had a problem there is a phone number on the wall. My only response was, this is all unnecessary you people are just rude, you have nothing else to do but be rude. This occurred April 27, 2010 at 9:50am.

When did we all just give in and give up? A favorite quote of mine is “Tyranny only expands to the point of ones resistance”. Probably more appropriate “They who surrender liberty for security deserve neither”. Why do we allow our Government SERVANTS to treat us like sheep with no rights? Why are there no lawsuits to stop the same behavior that was rule illegal when entering a football stadium? If we don’t resist now, when? And when is it too late?

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