Three Unsung Ladies of Liberty

Three  Unsung Ladies of Liberty whose projects and work need more attention:

Brooke Kelley

Janet Phelan

Nancy Jo Grant

I went to a rather unreconstructed grade school in my early years (John S. Armstrong Elementary School in Highland Park, Texas 75205 grades 1-5).   I say it was “unreconstructed” because I had my first dramatic role there in First Grade as Mary’s husband “Joseph” in the school Nativity Play and yes, every day began with school prayer (even though this was in the time of Chief Justice Earl Warren and Madeleine Murray O’Hare) blasted over the school loudspeakers and moments of prayer (both silent and spoken) were common throughout the day—and to the best of my knowledge, it never hurt anybody, and I recall even a Jewish student, Louis Fine, who participated in that same First Grade Nativity Play.

The Song: “Lovely Lady of Liberty”

But we also had a series of patriotic songs we sang, in music class, some of which appear to have vanished from memory, and I would like to see whether anyone else ever sang, or remembers this particular song: not because it is particularly good or even particularly inspirational, but because it has stuck in my head all these long 40 + years and if my imagination made it up I should copyright it (but I’m sure SOMEONE out there must remember it also, because I’m sure I didn’t just dream it—and yet I googled the lyrics and come up with absolutely nothing):

“Lovely Lady of Liberty, here’s to You!

To the One that We’ll Always be Faithful and True!

Though you’re only a statue for Thee, we’ll die.

Lovely Lady of Liberty, here’s to You!

Goddess of Light, Goddess of Might, Facing the Sea!

Send out the Word, Let it be Heard, This Land is Free!

We dedicate our way of life to thy Memory;

That your light may shine on, throughout Eternity

Oh, We Will Always have freedom and Honor too.

Lovely Lady of Liberty Here’s too You!

I look at that song and it sounds like it must have started out as a World War I (“Great War”) Soldier’s drinking song written by officers or government officials designed to incite Patriotic fervor, because it has certain obscure or not-so-obscure but very “old fashioned” (non-“Brave New World” style) allusions to alcoholic toasts, rampant marital infidelity, and violent warlike feelings which hardly seem like elementary school music to go with school prayers.  But I do recall the school music teacher, Miss Biancci (We’re talking a solid forty years ago here, but I’m fairly sure that was her name), was a very conservative and patriotic lady who seemed to like to introduce us to all kinds of soupy romantic Italian popular tunes and Opera, which may or may not have been particularly well suited to even a fairly elite Texas elementary audience.  If ANYONE, from John S. Armstrong Elementary in Highland Park (Dallas County) Texas or anywhere else can remember this song or find it on-line, please advise me.  I would like to find a picture of Miss Biancci (or Bianchi?) if anyone has one dating back to the years 1967-1971.  It was a long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away.

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