(1) What is it with Austria? (2) Ladies of Liberty: Addendum, Jane Burgermeister, Austrian Activist Faces Psychiatric Commitment, Guardianship (Loss of Civil Liberties and Independence) and Confinement—for what? For her ACTIVISM!

Last month I published a list of my three favorite “Ladies of Liberty” on this blog.  I had apparently missed a very important personage, JANE BURGERMEISTER, who is about to be subjected to a fate worse than death: personal disappearance into a bureaucratic labyrinth of PSYCHOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL, GOVERNMENTAL SUPERVISION AND DESTRUCTION OF INDIVIDUAL AUTONOMY & PERSONALITY, AND THE MENTAL TORTURE OF BEING A PERFECTLY NORMAL, FEISTY AND INDEPENDENT PERSON, WHO MAY WELL BE DECLARED INSANE/INCOMPETENT AND RENDERED A NON-PERSON—SHE SHOULD FLEE AUSTRIA!!!!!  And any decent country should give her asylum:



This is a quote from a video published on Youtube July 21 2010:


Jane Bürgermeister and other critical bloggers in and around Austria are being targeted, declared insane and stripped of their civil rights. As the cases pile up, a pattern of corruption and systematic persecution emerges. But Jane Bürgermeister, who has been a major force in educating the world about the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine, will not give up that easy. Ultimately, the power lies in our hands, as the past has shown. Stay tuned for updates.

“On August 12th, I am supposed to appear before a court as part of a process to strip me of all my civic rights on the spurious grounds I am a crazy conspiracy theorist and am damaging my estate.
Clearly, this is an attempt by elements in the Austrian government to silence me, a critic of the swine flu vaccine, who has managed to make use of the internet to spread information on the false swine flu pandemic and vaccine suppressed by the mainstream media, but which is now the subject of inquiries at PACE and in parliaments.”
— Jane Bürgermeister (July 13th, 2010)’

Jane Bürgermeister – Bloggers Persecuted & Declared Insane to

Silence Dissent – Vienna 07/18/2010

WeAreChangeAustria 42 videos 
Austria has always been my very favorite destination on the European Continent.  From the time of my first visit when I was 9 years old, I thought that the Hotel Sacher and Bristol Hotel Wein were the most magical spots on earth.  But Austria has become a frighteningly repressive place in recent years.  I only became aware of this fact with the November 11, 2005, arrest and imprisonment of David Irving, one of the most respected and prolific historians of World War II, from his “Destruction of Dresden” to “Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich.”   This noted historian was charged by state prosecutors in Styria with the thinking and speaking crime of “trivialising the Holocaust”.    David Irving’s application for bail was denied on the grounds that he would flee or repeat the offense, and so he remained in jail awaiting his trial.  On 20 February 2006 David Irving pleaded guilty to the charge of “trivialising, grossly playing down and denying the Holocaust“.  He spent almost all of 2006, until December, in Austrian prison and was then banned from the country on December 21, 2006.   How can it be that this most delightful country, the home of Sigmund Freud, of Johann & Richard Strauss, and of F.A. von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and other founders of the libertarian Austrian School of Economics, could have turned so repressive?

Every sane parent knows that suppressing a child’s questions or curiosity about sex, drugs, or rap music will only enhance that child’s interest in such things, and systematic repression will lead to obsession on the child’s part.  (This is precisely why in my teenage days it was well known that while there were some brainy and beautiful girls at non-sectarian schools such as the one I attended, all the really easy “nymphos” were to be found at All Girl Catholic schools.)  So if you happen to think that the standard history of the Holocaust is correct and requires no correction, you should just continue and deepen your own research to prove you are right.  You should not persecute and denigrate the likes of David Irving.  And if you believe that there is no danger to the Swine Flu vaccine, you need to allow Jane Burgermeister to say her peace, and then tear her argument apart.  But let Jane Burgermeister speak and publish freely and let David Irving do the same!  Austria has made a martyr of sorts out of David Irving—because if one man can be jailed for thought and speech crimes, all men can be, and if Jane Burgermeister is crazy for all her articulately expressed concerns about public health, then thousands and millions of us should likewise be jailed—and ironically enough, in the words given to Victor Lazlo in “Casablanca“: “From every corner of Europe, thousands will rise up to take their place, even Nazis can’t kill that fast.”  (As delightful as Austria is, it suffers in the minds of many from having been the birthplace of that certain German Chancellor from 1933-1945 who made David Irving’s career, and sharpened and sensitized the world to the possibility of a government-sponsored chemical program of extermination, such as Jane Burgermeister fears).
Austria needs to experience a New Birth of Freedom!  A new respect for the intellectual ferment and artistic and creative fervor for which Vienna has for at least the past three hundred years been so rightly famous.  For the meantime, if Jane Burgermeister can make it out of Austria, I’m sure she will find a welcome place here “in the Freedom of the Americas”—which is still greater than the lack of freedom in Austria, apparently, although it is not what it used to be….

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