Notes on Nitwits who are Nothing but Little Snakes for Hire

On Aug 3, 2010, at 3:06 AM, “Bob Hurt” <> wrote:

Charles, I had not read any of your history – just never bothered googling you.  But this Nolu Chan seems to love exposing some of your past, and obviously he likes making it ugly.  What did you do to piss this person off?

Yuk.  You must spend a little time explaining all that stuff.

Frankly, I think you should hire a couple of young buck / hot chick attorneys fresh out of school and set them onto the project and tell them they have to earn their keep.  You could get Kathleen to sell services and memberships.  She’d do well at it.

Just some thoughts on this muggy morn.

And I haven’t heard further from Gen or Manny or Charleston.

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Dear Bob:

You know the reality: as Simon & Garfunkel used to sing: “Everywhere I go, I get slandered, libeled.  I hear words I never heard in the Bible” (And see pictures of demons neither Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah, nor Jeremiah ever dreamt about….)

Nolu Chan is an Obot.  By “Obot” I mean a paid-by-the hour, specially recruited from some half-way house, semi-literate supporter of Obama who is apparently so short on real work or anything constructive to do in life that all he does is dedicate his life to supporting by mass produced verbal trash the very worst and most illegitimate President in U.S. History.  (Note that I state this in the comparative, not as an absolute—the last several Presidents, especially the Bushes, were each the second and third worse Presidents, respectively, and in the execution of their office were serious illegitimate disgraces to our Constitution and Heritage, who probably should be tried for treasonous activities starting pre-dating their Presidencies and continuing until the present day).

But as for Nolu Chan’s enthusiasm for attacking me and trying to make mountains out of mole hills: ALL of this is related to my working with Orly last year.   Do I wish I had never met her?  Yes.  Will I ever be allowed to forget her?  No.  And yet in spite of her absurdity, incompetence, and possibly derangement, she was right, because Obama IS only President of our country by the darkest and most sinister of frauds. Philip J. Berg is neither absurd, incompetent, nor deranged, but Orly got the limelight and basically destroyed the movement.  Her website is now becoming boring and I’d imagine that soon the poor old gal will be forgotten, but I will have to do some major penitence to ever get from under the shadow of my association with her….  But Orly played directly and perfectly into the hands of the likes of Nolu Chan—and much to my discredit, I worked side-by-side with her, for five whole months last year—even though she really never took any significant advice from me….much to the continued damnation of her own causes…..

Anyhow, Nolu Chan is a perverted nightmare, and even portrays himself as one of the 20th century’s most perverted nightmares by invoking the Rocky Horror Picture Show… It is so completely appropriate for Charleston to be associating himself with this sort of deceitful, misleading trash.  I had given him the benefit of the doubt, largely because I know what characterization at the hands of the like Nolu Chan is really like… but really and truly, I regret that you think it is necessary that I waste even a few pixels responding or reacting to this sickening stuff….  It upset me for a long time, until I met some of the relevant characters at Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow’s hearing in January, and they admitted that they were paid for their time to do this kind of blogging….. PAID FOR IT!  Who on earth would pay so to debase the currency of the written word?

Anyhow, I have no idea who Nolu Chan is, aside from being sure that he is one of the very scum of the earth, but certainly none of his stuff amounts to a bag of rancid rotten beans except to the most fatally bored and mindless among us.  Nolu Chan’s activities are related to those of one Obot newsgroup called Politijab and another called “the People’s Forum” (I’d love to write the Obots Obits, but I guess we have to wait for a while) and there are a few others like them, although Politijab is the only one whose negative obsession seems equivalent in scale to Nolu Chan’s: using the techniques advocated by propagandists and terrorists throughout time, they have exalted gossip to an artform in lieu of political assassination by bullet.  They achieve this by some downright lies, but mistly twisted perversions of the truth by mispleading implication.  And no I NOT going to dignify any of this psychopathic garbage by spending a lot of time defending myself or tryong to explaining his stupidity.  The story of my housekeeper Marcelina who lived two blocks from the Lago Vista Police Station and allowed her name to by used in a typewritten but unsigned statement in English (she’s effectively monolingual in Spanish) prepared by Lago Vista Police Lieutenant Reyes which ultimately led to my indictment is a story of how to twist the truth beyond recognition and then blow it out of proportion beyond the realm of physics.  It is the story of Federal Judicial Corruption and transgression of the separation of powers by an Austin Federal Judge named James R. Nowlin who will go down in my books at least as possibly the greatest robed psychopath in Texas history—although the competition for that title of distinction also.  I have addressed some of this material on my blog.

What these people do is hope that, by repetition, they will give words and stories, however false, more power than they ever had or deserve.  Have we discussed this recently?  How repeating a libel or slander OVER and OVER again makes it seem true?  How being silent about the truth makes it appear to be a forgotten deception, a false lie, a wrongful or worthless justification?

But I will say of Nolu Chan anyone who uses the image of Dr. Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show as a model for medical or scientific investigation, suggesting proctological examination for prurient sexual delight, is by that very self-definition a murderous psychopathic pervert whose ethics derive from another planet (and that planet is called “Transsexual Transylvania” rather than “Krypton” BTW).   So, my evaluation of Nolu Chan and everything that he does is that he is an evil representative of the Brave New World and it is comforting for me to know that my critic chooses for himself a name which is meaningless in English or any other language i know but could be roughly translated in Latin as Nolu = “I do no want” or “nothing” and “Chan” in Maya as either “liitle” or “snake.”

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