September 11, by Janet Claire Phelan

The morning the planes
Struck the tall buildings
A door opened up in the sky
Darkness came streaming down
Thick, tarry and as immutable as death
It entered the soul of a country
And poisoned the light

The dark thing came in
Through every door
Every window
Every crack and fissure
The dark thing came in
Through our eyes
As we watched our TV sets
It took root
An alien, dispassionate night
Smashing hope
Smashing love
Smashing faith

In order to save our freedom
We gave up our freedom
To keep the light burning
We turned out the light

The dark thing
is in the morning edition
The dark thing
is in church and synagogue
It is in our pots of coffee

The dark thing
is in our water lines

There is a pall over America
We march off to work
We march back home
We march to our slumber
We march like the damned

In Manhattan
In Los Angeles
Two tiny lgihts still shine:

“Wake up, America!
Come home, America!”

But the dark thing has spoken:

“Turn off the lights, America
So that darkness can reign
Turn off the lights, America
Let the killing begin.”

Last Updated (Saturday, 21 August 2010 11:19)

2 responses to “September 11, by Janet Claire Phelan

  1. Re: Is Time a Muslim Magazine? :: The Phyllis Chesler Organization
    From: Janet Phelan
    Any person who is purporting to have two brains cells to rub together and who is still trumpeting that Muslims had anything to do with September 11 should fess up–they donated their brain cells to science.
    Chesler has written some very good social criticism along the way. This contortionist balancing act that so- called intellectuals are now performing–the 911 goose step, I like to call it–isn´t working.
    I feel sorry for her. She must have gotten a pretty good deal on the offer for her soul, I imagine.
    Janet Phelan
    — On Sat, 9/11/10, Ron wrote:
    Subject: Is Time a Muslim Magazine? :: The Phyllis Chesler Organization
    Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010, 4:49 PM

  2. Alanna McMahon

    I spoke with Ron Gottschalk this afternoon. My mother was tortured to death as part of “hospice”. I have a bar card but illness has kept me from practicing. However, I’d very much like to be part of a group suit on behalf of effective patient advocates who, in my experience, are beaten nearly senseless. I accused Kaiser and owners of the San Diego nursing home who tortured mother of illegal killings. They retialiated by smearing me mercilessly and stripping me of the inheritance that I hoped would see me through my old age. Please contact me if you have time to discuss your experience. Thanks, Alanna 310 459 1512

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