in the belly of the beast, by janet claire phelan, september 14, 2010

i am clinging to

the soft underbelly of America

as she lumbers toward her doom

i am holding on

for dear life

as my host deconstructs herself

and i swing and sway

like a papoose or a deer-tick

as America, sweet America

slouches towards Bethlehem

“dying to be born.”

once upon a time

i was a girl in a pink dress

then a teenager in bluejeans

a poet wanna -be at Berkeley

and a young wife, straining against the bit

as i broke free

carving out a solo path

history has engraved

its mark on my flesh

lines around my eyes

streaks of gray in my hair

the indelible memories

of too many assassinations

and too many betrayals

too much poison

under the bridge

but i still cannot see any further

than tomorrow morning

when i will die

to be born again

in the belly of the beast

my fate/your fate/our fate

as a people

as a race of earthlings

all bound up together

in this monster

this America

as she lumbers down the runway

and packs her load

into the cockpit

as the collective gasp

of six billion souls

flies up

in the last

the very last

pink poison


janet phelan–

One response to “in the belly of the beast, by janet claire phelan, september 14, 2010

  1. Alanna McMahon

    I know that we have had NO vote count any where in the country since the mid-sixties. So, we have not heard from “America” for nearly half a century. THe international coalition of gangsters stole the country from the top down once the vote was gone. The treasuries are privatized, banking is in foreign hands, gas stations are owned by non-American…… The ONLY way back I think is to return to counting votes by hand. And, most fun, having a true teaparty where we stand on the banks of the Potomac and toss in the entire national debt. These municipal, county, state and federal debts were no entered into by anyone we the people elected, therefore they are not legally binding obligaions

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