Does the Government care about People in Foreclosures and Evictions?

I actually think the government cares quite a bit: they support the high foreclosure and eviction rate because an unstable, rootless society of homeless people dependent upon the government for “welfare” housing for some and “privileged” housing for loyal “party members” is a very good thing from the standpoint of the (apparent) government goal to destroy democracy, destroy freedom, and create a socialist-corporate state in which the elite who rule decide who gets to live where and how well? Those who are loyal “party members” (i.e. conformists, however defined) will get the best houses for so long as they conform, but there will be no family estates, no inheritance, no community continuity—except among the high ruling elite and their cohort—because middle class and even lower families, communities, even strong neighborhoods where people grow up together and live together in life are too much of a threat to autocrats. They say they believe in “diversity” but what they really want is the homogenizing effect of mixing everyone up and moving everyone around constantly—there will be no identities except “individual” and “government”— interest groups will be swept aside as homes are foreclosed, people evicted, and their families scattered to the wind.   As someone once said to one of my distant cousins, “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

One response to “Does the Government care about People in Foreclosures and Evictions?

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