Ninety-Days Until Christmas—A story about a Heroic Girl and Her Ponies—Give Now to Support her Freedom!

I have no idea how many regular readers of this blog there may be (if any!) but I hope there are at least a few who will read and hear this plea for a little bit of Christmas Giving on this 90th day before Christmas 2010.  However, Anyone who IS a regular reader of this blog will know of my intense admiration and affection for Nancy Jo Grant, a 60-something grandmother, resident of Arcadia (De Soto County) Florida, at the north end of the Everglades and just northwest of Lake Okechobee (on a more-or-less straight line between Sarasota and Stuart/Palm Beach Gardens Florida).

Nancy Jo Grant is a true American Patriot and Heroine, an Anti-Establishmentarian afraid of absolutely nothing, former Christian Missionary to Honduras and the Florida Prison System, still the embattled President of JAIL-for-Judges in Florida and several time Christian Party Candidate for Governor. Owing to a preposterously unjust August 2007 trial and conviction for “Unauthorized Practice of Law” (applied to and characterizing her Prison Missionary Work), Nancy now desperately needs to file a writ of habeas corpus challenging her 15 year probation sentence (12 years left!, or 11 years and 4 months, something like that).   Because of the 1996 AEDPA (Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act) and misnamed 2001 “Patriot Act”, Habeas Corpus has now been all but obliterated the formerly rich jurisprudence in support of relief from wrongful conviction for all but non-existent crimes such as that of which Nancy was convicted (without a single victim EVER complaining…. in fact, everyone who has ever commented, including all who testified at her month-long trial, PRAISED her inspirational work with Florida’s most hated, wretched, and despised and socially ostracized prisoners).

I just talked to Nancy tonight for the first time in a long time and she wants to sell some of her Shetland Ponies to raise funds to pay for filing a Habeas Corpus proceeding—under the new AEDPA “reform” laws [enacted by Newt Gingerich and other members of the “Contract on America” Congress—-which set the stage and pave the way for 9/11 and the abuses of the Soviet-Maoist NIGHTMARE decade that has followed], Nancy gets exactly ONE post-conviction shot at this which must be filed AFTER exhausting her Florida State Remedies AT THE LATEST by the end of this year).

Nancy is thinking of selling her beloved ponies at local auction in Arcadia.  I hate to see her do it—anyone who has ever known an equestrian lady knows that a girl and her ponies should never be parted….  But if they must be sold, they should be sold to sympathetic supporters who will cherish the opportunity to have helped one of America’s premier “Ladies of Liberty” by purchasing one of her prized possessions.

I think Nancy could do MUCH, MUCH better by selling them on-line or to people who might buy to support her.  I know a little something about keeping horses—I have seen Nancy’s ranch, her ponies, and I have seen Nancy caring for and grooming her beloved Shetlands, and I know that this is a terrible thing for her to have to do.  So Will you help out?  Will you buy one or two of her ponies yourself or else put Nancy in touch with someone who might be willing to support a truly Patriotic Lady who has been the victim of massive injustice in Florida.

Except for the time when she was a Missionary in Honduras, Nancy has lived in Arcadia all her life and is just….not very worldly or aggressive and she really has nobody helping her—and I am so far away and have no place to put any ponies myself—although if I did, I would definitely buy some.

I want to help Nancy obtain her liberty from this RIDICULOUS conviction, but there is no simple way—her conviction was “per curiam” affirmed by the Florida District Court of Appeals just last year.  NO OPINION means NO DISCRETIONARY REVIEW in the Florida Supreme Court.   Habeas Corpus is her ONLY hope.  Accordingly, Nancy’s Petitions need to be both OUTSTANDING and prepared quickly.  She has really delayed too long already in getting going on them.  I’m going to put up something on my website/blog.  My son Charlie is in Maryland and maybe there are some good DelMarVa equine establishments near St. John’s College, but you guys are RIGHT THERE and so close….I hope you know someone who raises Shetlands or would even just be willing to talk to Nancy….she’s a wonderful lady…and if you call me, Peyton, or Bob Hurt at the numbers below, we’ll put you in touch.

Peyton’s parents live on a ranch way out in the lower Hill Country in Texas and although they don’t raise horses they may know some people who do.

We just need to find some fans of Nancy who’d like to help her out.  Everyone SHOULD be Nancy’s friend:  She’s a sweet, kind, and gentle Southern Lady and country grandmother, a self-less Christian Missionary to the Damned, a friend to all the friendless, hated, rejected, and despised people in society.  And yet she’s serving a probated sentence longer than some people get for vehicular homicide, even second or third degree murder….

Here is a website I found just by googling “Shetland Ponies for Sale.”

If you’d be willing to call Nancy and help her out with this project, please call me or Peyton at the numbers below, or else call Bob Hurt at 727-669-5511.

It’s 90 days until Christmas—but this can work so many ways—if you know someone who loves Shetland ponies, or would like to give one as a gift, if you love Shetlands, or if you love horses in general and love freedom and liberty and can appreciate and admire this woman who has essentially given her entire life to other people, and now has to sell some of her prized possessions—well, the ideal would be if you could just give her the money to hire a top-notch lawyer and try to put together a team to beat this one—but if not, buy one of her ponies on an early Christmas Plan—it is the Christian thing to do!

(And as any readers of this blog know—as I know–that some of the most generous and “Christian” people I have met in my life are Jewish—in the two months before Nancy was arrested in Florida I was for 54 days including Christmas 2007 and New Years 2008 as YOUR GUEST, i.e., the guest of you, the American taxpayers, at several Federal Institutions in California, Oklahoma, and Texas on equally [or if logically possible even more] spurious charges as or than those lodged against Nancy Jo Grant.  During that dark and dreary time time, at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, there was a older Jewish fellow by the name of Moshe Leichner who was like a cross between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ to his fellow-prisoners.  I examined this man’s case file in some depth and feel sure that he was innocent of the charges which had brought him into Federal Custody for 20 years.  Moshe is still in prison.  Moshe Leichner v USA et EDCV09-6 SFW (CW) and 09-cv-6 Moshe Leichner v USA Docket Report as of 9-25-2010.  Later back among the living, I was privileged to meet a Dr. Dennis de Leon, M.D., of South Pasadena, a man of slightly confusing nationality and ethnicity but claiming a Jewish identity, who like Moshe is among the kindest, gentlest, most generous, and wonderful “Christian” in the sense that he behaves with the same regard and care for his fellow human beings as a certain post-Old Testmanent “Rabbi” named  Yeshua/Yesu/Joshua or Jesus instructed us all to behave.  When I think of the antagonism that some people would assume between supporting Nancy Jo Grant, a southern Lady who founded her own “Christian” party to fight against the Hypocrites and False Judges our time, with supporting Jewish inmates in Federal Custody and admiring Jewish Doctors in Los Angeles County, I am moved to remember that Jesus and all his followers described in his “Gospels” of Good News for Modern Man were Jewish, so that all Christians are, at their core, Jews whether they call themselves that or not, while many Jews are in fact good Christians who follow the teachings of the Rabbi and the Gospels, whether they think of themselves that way or not…  In all these senses, too, Nancy Jo Grant is a Christian, and like Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth, whose Crucified Epitaph “King of the Jews,” was as politically sarcastic as the charge of Unauthorized Practice of Law leveled against Nancy, Nancy fights against the Hypocrites and Liars who claim to follow the law but do so only for their own enrichment and glorification.)

But in any event, I digress: the point of this Post is—Please buy a Country Girl’s ponies, one or more, to Help Nancy Jo Grant fight for freedom!  Back in the Political Arena, back out of probation where she can again speak freely—Nancy will be back fighting for YOU, the American people.  She simply can’t help it, it seems to be in her very core nature.  The powers that be want us all to be scared and afraid of their false monopolies on virtue and the right to speak for ourselves and others.  Helping to free Nancy Jo Grant will be a great way of aligning yourself, this year and this Christmas, with one of the truest heroines of our time….

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

“Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint”

Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia

Telephone: 512-968-2500

In case of emergency call Peyton Yates Freiman (Texas)

at 512-461-8192

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