SEND THEM A MESSAGE: Vote for Diane Beall Templin for California Attorney General—for the rights of all Middle Class American Homeowners!

Diane Beall Templin has agreed to represent me as lead Plaintiff in 09-cv-01072-DOC-E in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, Southern (Santa Ana) Division 10-26-2010 Document 55 Ex-Parte Application to Substitute Attorney Diane Beall 09-cv-01072-DOC.  It is going to be a big project, but if we can win even part of it, it will change the course of United States and even World (“Global”) financial history forever.  Nothing could be more important or worthy of the “Send them a Message” heritage of the late Governor George Corley Wallace to whose American Independent Party Diane Beall Templin is now a modern heir.  Governor Wallace and General Curtis E. LeMay were the last Third Party Candidates ever to carry any states or electoral votes.   Wallace took the entire Deep South away from Nixon in 1968, only four years after Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater (Radical Southern Democrat Wallace’s Radical Republican Soulmate in so many ways) broke the “Solid South” away from the Democratic Party to which it had adhered loyally for over a hundred years.   When Gov. Wallace ran for President back inside the Democratic Party in 1972, his threat was so great as potentially to deprive Nixon of his second term.

So, it was that on May 15, 1972, the decade of United States Political Assassinations by “lone gunmen” that began in November 1963 with the Dallas, Texas, assassination of the last “Representative Money” (“Silver-Certificate”) President (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) and his replacement with that master of Fiat Currency—“Tax & Spend through Inflation to Support Global Warfare and World Government”—Lyndon Baines Johnson ended with the Laurel, Maryland, near fatal assassination of the Governor of Alabama.

I persuaded Diane Beall (fka Templin) to represent me in this case on a single argument: there is NO solution to the California Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis that does not include the declaration of unconstitutionality of California Civil Code Sections 2924-2924l, together with the abolition of special Unlawful Detainer proceedings in the Superior Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.

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