Support our Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of California Home Seizures: Help us Change in California Foreclosure and Eviction Law

I am asking everyone who possibly can to send in contributions to help us pay for and staff the litigation of case number 09-cv-01072-DOC in Orange County  (filed originally as Lincoln v. Silverstein, now styled Lincoln v. California) and related cases all around the state.

If we are successful in our litigation, the ripple effect outwards will generate reverse earthquake: ruined homes will be resurrected and restored to their rightful owners, foreign investors and speculators (including the International Bankers) will be dispossessed of their American colonial acquisitions and holdings and required to pay damages to the families that were dispossessed.

So, we are now engaged in a great struggle, at least five co-Plaintiffs, one attorney and I are, to test whether the vile corrupt and unHoly mixture of substances consisting of bad law, color of law, and downright evil law,  created by California Non-Judicial Foreclosure and post-Foreclosure Eviction Statutes and the Judicial customs, practices, and procedures having the force of allow arising therefrom, can successfully be poured out (in U.S. District Court before Judge David O. Carter into a constitutional crucible where this mixture’s origins, integrity, and purity can be weighed and found wanting.  We will then seek to pour this base metalic garbage from the same crucible by asking Judge Carter to declare and adjudge all of these statutes, and the California Courts of Limited Jurisdiction which arose from them, onto the putrid slag heap of history—right alongside slavery and Soviet Communism, where all such vile things belong.

The road is going to be long and weary—and very expensive.  I am writing today to ask everyone in the United States to contribute whatever they can to support our campaign.   If we win in California on even half our issues, the reverberations will be felt and heard around the financial centers and smoky back rooms of banker’s and lawyers’ clubs everywhere in the world.

Your contributions of time, money, or material (computers, printers or printer supplies, or even up to date law books or sharable subscriptions to Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis), or special contributions some might be able to make such expert witness testimony concerning accounting, banking and financial practices, or securitization) will be invaluable in changing the face of the American economy and business world.

Please send in contributions (checks or money orders with memorandum or cover letter indicating “Lincoln v. California, 09-cv-01072″) to the following address:

Charles Lincoln Trust for Tierra Limpia/Deo Vindice Foundation, Peyton Yates Freiman, Trustee, 603 Elmwood Place, Suite #6, Austin, Texas 78705.  (Telephone 512-461-8192).

The first priority will be to support our new Attorney, Diane Beall, who is herself in foreclosure in California, and to build her team of legal assistants (including but not limited to some of the Plaintiffs) to fight this war and win it!

“Tierra Limpia” means the clean or pure land; Deo Vindice, a term rich in American historical connotation, is the motto “By God Vindicated” which has a strong implication (in Latin or Roman Law) that the rights to be vindicated are those relating to land and home: “Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything, for ‘Tis the only thing in this world that lasts, ‘Tis the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for — worth dying for” as a crotchety old Irishman named Gerald Patrick O’Hara once told his daughter Katie Scarlett.  For indeed, in Classical Roman Times, the “Vindicatio” was the ultimate form of warfare by litigation, meant to try title to land and other key measures of wealth and the means of production from ancient times until the present.

It happens that today, October 29, is my mother’s birthday, and so in her honor, and she was a little girl during the London blitz, when so many homes were lost, and so many families uprooted, I am starting this campaign to raise funds to restore lost and destroyed homes for the benefit of lost and destroyed families—even though these are the victims not of the German Wehrmacht but of a corrupt global financial system with significantly less heart and less soul than even the Nazis.  Mothers are symbolic of homes and I think my mother, when she reads this, will know why I dedicate to her the struggle to disempower the Banks and destroy their psychological grip on our minds which convinces so many that families should be destroyed in the name of individual security and dependence upon the government.  I remember watching the 1968 and 1972 elections with my mother (and her parents) on Television.  And I remember when she took me to meet Cardinal Mindzenty, the hero of Anti-Communist resistance in Hungary and I remember one of her friends named Lilly, who had been imprisoned by the Communists in a Gulag.   I remember watching with my family the resignation of Richard Nixon and Ford’s pardon a month later.  In short, we shared many of the formative events which led me to where I am right now, where we, as a country, are at this very moment.

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  2. I think the lawsuit makes sense. You might make more headway if you post the case documents somewhere. Some have already found their way into the public archive through the Recap extension of Firefox, which can save Americans a lot of money in PACER fees. You might download all of them and upload them to I have put your third amended complaint there.

    Docket here:

    Third amended complaint here:

    Motion to strike complaint here:

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