There is no remedy for the foreclosure and eviction crisis except repeal of the underlying laws which permitted it, in fact, which COMMAND the Courts to proceed as they do.   Most judges, especially in California, are not so much corrupt as they are bound to blindly follow and carry out the letter of truly corrupt law.   They act like automatons, and it may seem that they have neither heart nor soul, but if the job of California judges is to follow the law—then please take note everybody: the law directs that YOU (THE HOMEOWNER) MUST LOSE!   You must be evicted and made homeless.  THAT is the law.

Too many well-meaning and well-intentioned people are floundering around trying to find trivial remedies “at the margins” when the only real cure is to recognize that the SYSTEM ITSELF IS UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY ROTTEN and to remove the root causes of it.  Change is not easy—it was a campaign slogan two years ago, and look where it has gotten us?

If it is not perfectly obvious by now, it needs to be said: Candidate Barack Obama’s promises of reform and “change” were illusory.  President Barack Obama, endorsed earlier today by his predecessor George W. Bush as more impressive than John McCain, is the most stalwart “status quo” President in recent history.  Obama has no policies to speak at all of except those which were exacerbations of policies initiated either by George W. Bush or, in a few cases, tracing their ancestry back to the Presidency of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingerich’s “Contract on America.”  In short, Obama, as I have written before on these pages, appears to have been hand-selected by George W. Bush as the man most readily able to continue Bush’s disastrous policies PRECISELY because Obama, at least at the level of “skin deep” perceptions, “looked like the candidate most different from George W. Bush.”  In short, Obama was a fraud—he was, is, and shall remain nothing but part of the carefully orchestrated dismantling and destruction of America—by and through the means of the dismantling and destruction of the Family, Private Property, and the Bourgeois Constitutional State of which the first two institutions are the rock-solid foundation.

To illustrate the Fraud of Obama’s Promise of Change: the Writ of Habeas Corpus in America was in 2008 already all but extinct—extinguished by Congress and the President over the valiant but ultimately futile resistance of the Supreme Court, and Obama has done nothing, not even to speak, on behalf of any resurrection or strengthening of the writ, or of dismantling the massive prison infrastructure.  Even Judicial sycophants to every arbitrary and capricious legislative malice such as Justice Antonin Scalia found Congress’ attacks on the “Great Writ” appalling, but to no avail.  President Barack Obama has not lifted a finger to free prisoners in “Planet Prison” America, not even by his dishwater judicial appointments.   In another example, Obama has shown himself no friend of the environment, allowing plans for oil drilling to continue on the Northwesternmost and Southeasternmost frontiers of the United States, despite the catastrophic oil leakage which poisoned the Gulf last summer.

Finally, the reality of “endless two-front war” in Afghanistan and Iraq has continued unabated under Obama.  Who could have imagined that two years after his election this would be so?  Certainly, Obama’s supporters must be hiding their heads in shame and despair by now.   He continues to expand the power of the imperial presidency to a degree that would have put Lyndon B. Johnson or Richard M. Nixon to shame.   His arrogant closed door policies, lack of opennes, and guardianship of secrecy is reminiscent of the Nixon era, without the elegant dismantling of world-wide conflicts—but their intensification.

Above all, President Barack Obama has shown himself utterly beholden to the financial interests of international banking which created him and sustain him.   The mortgage foreclosure crisis has deepened, even as symptomatic ailments such as mass production “robosigning” of mortgages are unveiled—and uncomprehendingly presented to the press by a media and journalistic profession which is either blind or lavishly enslaved by their corporate-financial patrons of international banking moving towards international socialism.

So many of my friends are crying out for “REMEDY” in the face of the mortgage foreclosure and eviction crisis.  I am writing to tell you all that there is no remedy for urioshol/urticaria-hives in hand-pruning or finger-trimming of a vine of poison ivy.  There is no remedy for malignant melanoma in scratching your skin.

And there is NO REMEDY for the massive epidemic of foreclosures and evictions in this Country except REVOLUTIONARY LEGAL REFORM by (1) outlawing the securitization of mortgages, (2) outlawing non-judicial foreclosure where it exists, (3) eliminating statutes and judicial rules providing for “short cut” or “fast track” (often called “Rocket Docket”) summary eviction and foreclosure proceedings in “judicial foreclosure” states.

The way to achieve this is by enforcing the commercial codes, for example the excellent California Commercial Code, and not allowing the Civil Code or Code of Civil Procedure to overrule it!  Judicial codes should concern MERELY procedure and should abridge no substantive rights at all.   Large portions of the California Civil Code are simply inconsistent and incompatible with the just enforcement of the Commercial Code, and render California  a “law optional” state, effectively lawless and without laws.

I would urge everyone to STOP paying money to all the madmen who go around preaching non-judicial remedies such as commercial or administrative process.  These are all doomed to failure.

Get behind me—support me and my attorney Diane Beall in asking for a complete revolutionary reform of the legal system in California and related (mostly Western, Ninth and Tenth Circuit States) and restoring full due process enforcement of the common law of contracts and commercial codes in California and throughout the United States.   Really and truly, there is NO REMEDY BUT REAL REVOLUTIONARY (LEGAL) REFORM, except perhaps for a REAL (ARMED AND VIOLENT) REVOLUTION.

I propose that revolutionary legal reform remains possible in the Courts.  Some judges do still value both the constitution and common law.  Enough Judges to give us some hope.  Ultimately we will have to go ourselves or send our representatives to Washington to reform the Federal Securities and Tax laws which served to underwrite the entire process of securitized mortgages which led to mass-produced robo-signing and rocket dockets around the country.

All else is Vanity, my friends, all else is vanity—in this season of All Saints, we must realize that there can be neither freedom nor peace nor real economic stability unless we the people are willing to stand up and fight for it, pledging our lives, our fortunes, and sacred honor to the restoration of common law and constitutional rule which are the sole legitimate foundation of American Society, built as it is on the work and prosperity of the “bourgeois” middle class.

Tinkering here and there with problems like robo-signing or other symptomatic manifestations of the “disease” of expropriation-by-solicited-debt which can be revealed in “forensic mortgage fraud audits” as effective as whistling into a hurricane or throwing an ice cube into the ocean.

SO STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY—all ye who are heavy laden and seek rest!  Like the Saints of Old, we must pick up our crosses and swords and be prepared for a long fight for real reform.  It is the only reality.  DO NOT TREAT THE SYMPTOMS—TREAT THE DISEASE—THE DISEASE IS THE LACK OF INTEGRITY OF THE LAW, which is most clearly manifested by the utter and complete corruption of non-judicial foreclosure law in the State of California—let us all work together to a common end, because only in the common end of legal reform will the Courts be ALLOWED to restore our property.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to have voted out Barbara Boxer and NOT to have elected Jerry Brown—because those two are on the wrong side of absolutely every issue in which we are involved…..

2 responses to “There is NO REMEDY BUT RADICAL REVOLUTIONARY REFORM except, perhaps, for REAL REVOLUTION


    My Civil Case regarding Wrongful Foreclosure went Judicial in California.

    The Judges turned a “Blind Eye” to the Back-Dated, Forged, Non- Acknowledged Fraudulent Foreclosure Documents and EMBEZZLEMENT Scheme, removed the LIS PENDEN, allowing GOLDMAN SACHS to FORECLOSE ON MY PROPERTY.

    GOLDMAN SACHS does not own my property, but their name is all over the Insurance documents.

    To all Foreclosure Victims:
    If you are in need of Affirmative Defenses to combat these thieves and injustice, feel free to visit my blog at

    And Click on this link to view my current Unlawful Detainer:

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