Douglas Bradley Vogt Affidavit re: Obama

Douglas Bradley Vogt, President & Founder of Archive Index Systems, Inc., was the sponsor of my last (abortive) archaeological expedition to Egypt in Y2K, where I nearly died in Cairo on November 30, 2000 (OK, I guess I “flatlined” for a few minutes there on Zamalek Island, but obviously I recovered….at least, I think I’m alive…..).  I was happy to back on the same side of an important argument with Doug, gave him a call on Thursday evening.  Of course, there’s absolutely no explanation for why Orly thought she could intervene in that case in New Orleans…..but “it’s a small world after all.”  If only she had a competent law clerk…..again…..  But she seems to prefer to make a fool of herself, and of her cause, wherever she goes.  Talking to Doug, he is quite convinced that the April 27, 2011 document released by the White House is a forgery.  We discussed the consequences of forgery of identity documents being a “High Crime or Misdemeanor” and how Obama obviously knew what he was doing—the consequences of saying he merely “should have known” would reflect a completely different sort of incapacity and lack of fitness for office—we also reflected on the rarity of a head of state being removed from office for any cause, least of all forgery of documents supporting his qualifications.  Charles I, second Stuart King of England, was tried in January 1649 and executed for treason, thereby becoming “Charles the Martyr” in the Hagiography of the Church of England.  It could and probably should be said that Charles’ trial lacked “due process of law” or “fundamental fairness” in all regards.  The word “treason” was used once in the lengthy, 33 count, indictment against Louis XVI of France, but his lack of qualifications mostly amounted to having waged a very ineffective counter-revolution or resistance between June 1789 and September 1792.  Watergate simply didn’t come close to questioning the qualifications or patriotism of Richard M. Nixon, while the Monica Lewinsky “affair” never came close even to charging William Jefferson Clinton with anything worse than evasively answering questions in depositions.  The Watergate proceedings were more-or-less “fair”, but Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment on charges of obstruction of justice.   The trials of Charles I of England and Louis XVI of France were not fair at all.   The trials of Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States, and Bill Clinton were both hopelessly Partisan Republican Lynch mobs, but both failed.   The fact that George W. Bush has yet to be put on trial is a much greater miscarriage of justice than any previous event in American Political history.  But the fact that Obama has continued all of George W. Bush’s policies, added an illegal war in Libya bringing the total to three illegal wars at once—a record in U.S. History—but since it is becoming apparent, beyond reasonable doubt, that he has “citizenship and eligibility problems”, it is time that he be dishonorably discharged from the Presidency.   Richard M. Nixon may have had a problem with the whole veracity/mendacity line, but he was a geopolitical genius, whether one agreed with him or what he did or not—and I for one do not.  
          But Barack H. Obama seems to have neither any problem with articulating factual inaccuracies, verbal elasticities, multiple mendacities, nor does he appear to possess any meaningful capacity for veracity, and he’s completely lacking in sagacity (I didn’t actually intend that dismal series of rhymes, but I’ll let them stand).  There seems to be an absolute consensus among everyone who has examined the electronic picture that Barack H. Obama’s April 27, 2011 release is a fraud, and that it is such an unsophisticated fraud, so obvious, that he must have intended it to be discovered, just as a test of the low IQ and high tolerance for lies in the American population.  But I am happy to be back on the same side of a major issue with Douglas Bradley Vogt, and I welcome my old Patron to the fight—may we fare better with this project than we did with the Wadi al Arish basin survey……

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