A New “Museum of Infamy: The First Ten” or the First Dozen—Any way you look at it, the Millennium is off to a bad start…

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS LIED CONSTANTLY DURING THE FIRST TEN OR DOZEN YEARS OF THIS NEW MILLENNIUM, the greatest of these lies is that there is any difference between the two parties as far as the ultimate destination of this country, namely the bowels of socialism/corporate communism, really is, AND DIANNE FEINSTEIN HAS SUPPORTED JUST ABOUT EVERY ONE OF THE DECEPTIONS AS WELL AS THE FINAL GOAL:

As an adjunct to and/or part of my campaign for Senator from California I want to set up an Exhibit about the History of the First Ten-Twelve years of the 21st Century, 3rd Millennium.  This effort will create a foundation, which might well be called the First Ten or the First Dozen, which will be dedicated to modern history, and will outlive the campaign, win or lose.

(1) Y2K scare, (2) 2000 Election, (3) 9-11, (4) the Patriot Act [continues, adding to the death of Habeas Corpus among other treachery to the constitution committed by its 1996 elder brother AEDPA, to the present date and time], (5) the Anthrax Scare, (6) the War in Afghanistan, (7) Weapons of Mass Destruction, (8) War and Colonial Occupation of Iraq [Continues to the present date and time], (9) 9-11 Commission & its meaningless report, (10) 2004 Election, (11) Securitized Mortgage Boom, Banking Bust, Crisis, & Bailout [each element continues until the present date and time], (12) the 2008 Election, (13) the War on Libya.

My idea is to put together an “Image and Text” Exhibit and Museum bringing all these things together, along with a series of lectures.  The “First Ten” Foundation could outlive even a failed election in 2012—and pave the way for future efforts.  I would try to bring in experts on all of these fields.  Philip J. Berg comes to mind as one of the few who has experience in more than two of these crises.  I know at least one photographer who has previously unpublished photographs of 9-11 and I know there are many soldiers coming back from Iraq with untold stories about the Civilian Death Toll over there and in Afghanistan—we don’t really know about Libya yet.  And how much can be said about judicial corruption and legislative sleepwalking from the 2000 election through the Patriot Act to present day mortgage crisis and bailout?

It all started, really, with the Y2K scare, didn’t it?  Now perhaps that wasn’t really entirely the federal government’s doing but the federal government certainly made no effort to discourage fears of a technological meltdown?   But I was in Jackson Square, New Orleans, with my son Charlie when midnight struck and none of the lights or clocks stopped—not even in run-down, chaotic, pre-Katrina, New Orleans.

Later that same year Y2K it was the Bush-Gore Election and the possible manipulation of the vote, at least in Ohio and Florida, and possibly a few other states.  The Supreme Court’s role in sorting the results of the 2000 election fiasco manifest disgraceful political bias and corruption.  And in the end it probably didn’t matter whether the most conservative Democrat or the most liberal Republican candidate was elected—the campaigns have all become contests of mediocre identity.  

The scenario was repeated in 2004 but in that year the difference between exit polls and final actual votes “tabulated” was so precise and predictable that it seemed impossible to deny that computerized manipulation had taken place.  I seem to recall statisticians saying that the odds of each of so many hundreds of precincts varying so exactly and precisely within the same range between exit polls and final actual votes tabulated was roughly the same as the likelihood that a previously undetected comet or large meteor would hit the earth—tomorrow.  So the decade started out with strong evidence that the electoral system at the heart of democracy was broken.  The talk went on through 2004, and then after that no one really seemed to care very much.  It was all in the background.  By 2008, no one was really even interested in the question of voter fraud.  Everyone knew in advance that the first partially black African totally socialist President in history was going to be elected and that interracial marriage and dating would become a nearly dominant theme in movies, fashion advertisements, etc.  So it didn’t really matter what the vote count was.  What will the situation be in 2012?  Stacked against newcomers, everywhere, but especially in California, that’s for sure where they have mastered the techniques necessary to reelect incumbents and lock out real political change through the political process almost automatically (see previous post: https://charleslincoln3.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/new-california-rules-for-congressional-including-u-s-senatorial-elections-the-little-guy-is-screwed/).

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