In the Mind of the American People (and the Eye of the American Media), Iraq is all but forgotten…..

After eight years and two months in Iraq and nearly nine full years in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden supposedly dead*…..what IS the purpose of our Orwellian perpetual war now?  It is a criminal scheme to uphold the criminal enterprise known as the de facto government of the United States of America.  When I was President of College Republicans at Tulane University, in 1976-77, I was no fan of Ralph Nader….but looking back, he was and remains more of a Patriot (and hence in a remarkable way much more conservative, than any member of either Bush Administration, or Clinton, never mind Obama).  Obviously, I applaud Ralph Nader for every word in the attached video**, and with him urge the impeachment of President Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, I think he is directly responsible for forging his own identity documents (and derivative right to hold high office and title) and for those crimes alone he would have been boiled in oil in 16th Century England, but unfortunately, as Nader points out, he is continuing the war crimes and treachery against the constitution instituted by “W” Bush, especially yesterday when he signed a four year extension of the Patriot Act while on his deplorable “show tour” through Europe.  

Accordingly, even if indeed BHO is ultimately proven guilty of inventing his qualifications for office, then forgery is really the least of Obama’s crimes, and as of this moment I can only say “Three Cheers for Ralph Nader”—although his contributions to Tort and Personal Injury Law (through Products Liability) in the past 45 years since “Unsafe at any Speed” had already convinced me long ago that he was a great American Hero: 

If elected to the United States Senate, I would do all in my power to restore tort and personal injury law against products liability to the strength it had in the 1960s-70s.  I think that private or class action lawsuits are a much more productive and certain means of achieving public health, safety, and welfare than government regulation.  So long as the individual controls his own destiny, he can be free.  So long as the individual depends on the government to secure his destiny, never mind his health, safety, and welfare, he is by definition unfree—not necessarily dead but a soulless vampire or zombie compared to a truly free man.

*My sincerest thanks to Ba-ba-barbara Anne K-H for alerting me (a rockin’ and a reelin’ me actually) to the strangely Freudian slip of a typographical error originally written into this line.  Just like Spike Maligna, the famous typographical error in the old BBC Goon-Show—typos never mean or suggest anything, do they?

**My even greater thanks and gratitude to Palmetto Patriot for passing along this wonderful short address by Nader on Youtube.

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