On the Modern American Public School Education Experience: Networks not Communities, Conformity not Creativity

Well, I had sent my comment on the Medina Valley ISD system and my challenge to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to my old litigation opponent and persecutor, Assistant Texas Attorney General James Carlton Todd, friend and ally of Judge Michael Jergins, Laurie J. Nowlin, and every evil oppressor in Williamson County, Texas and throughout the State, and just this morning I received a notification that James Carlton Todd had designated my message as “junk mail” and that future e-mails from me would be deleted before reaching his computer screen—there’s a responsive government for you.  Not that I really expected the man who had paid $50,000.00 in constructive bribes to my attorneys in January 2006 to act like a civilized human being….. “Everybody knows that the system’s rotten”—and we just have to understand why….. but in the meantime, I’ve been looking around and found some interesting items on-line:

I recommend that everyone STUDY THE many you-tube videos and read and listen to the COMMENTS OF new york state teacher JOHN TAYLOR GATTO AND COMPARE his approach WITH CHRIS MARTINEZ’ words from the MEDINA VALLEY ISD: “As Educators, we are the Ultimate Rule-FOllowers”—such an approach to education is the death of creativity, freedom and entrepreneurship…  Television and schooling are destroying our children and our lives.  i still say that rather than appealing, and allowing the fifth circuit to weasel out, the medina isd should have engaged in mass voluntary defiant prayers to judge fred biery’s threat of “incarceration” to all who pray—be they christian, jewish, muslim, buddhists, or animistic pagans, we needed to see what the federal judge would have done if his manifestly unjust and unconstitutional order had been defied by hundreds, even thousands, of students.






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