Impeachment of Judge Howard Matz: a first step towards restoring judicial integrity?

I never dreamt that I would say or write this, but I think the entire Federal and State Court judiciaries may be so corrupt that widespread impeachment and shut down of the courts may be necessary.  At the very least, we need to remove every judge who has ever knowingly participated in a cover-up of the mass expropriation of real property in the United States which has occurred as a result of mortgage bundling, pooling, and securitization.  To identify every such judge fairly and accurately would require examining tens of thousands of transcripts from tens of thousands of cases.  But the only way that the government can maintain it’s legitimacy is by identifying and punishing those who have knowingly allowed this massive step towards the realization of the first and primary goal of Communism to take place “under color of law” in the United States.

If you favor and would support the impeachment of Judge Howard Matz, please call 512-968-2666, 512-968-2755 or  512-968-7390 (or by fax to 310-278-9684) and leave your detailed message, preferably with your name and telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.   We need to hold judges accountable and impeachment is the only easy abrogation of judicial immunity under present law.  I do not consider Judge Howard Matz’ comments below to constitute “good conduct” in the least.

Mortgage rights activist Lance Frances bought my attention to the case of José L. Pineda, and the October 2009 hearing in U.S. District Court (Central District of California, Los Angeles) in that case with a lawyer for GMAC on Wednesday, June 8, 2011.  This case is now almost two years old.  I remain deeply troubled by this case because I think that the most important actor in this story, Honorable A. Howard Matz, United States District Judge for the Central District of California, Los Angeles Division, revealed an oft-suspected but never before clearly articulated truth: Matz should be impeached, possibly along with 50-90% of the Federal Trial Court Judges in California.   I would like to solicit feedback: SHOULD Matz be impeached?  Do Howard Matz’ statements in this case mean to others what they seem to me to mean?  I do not know how to read Matz’ statement quoted below except as a threat to “tell the truth” about the mortgage industry and reveal publicly that all the mortgage foreclosures (at least those in the past 10-18 years) in the state of California, have been completely illegal, unconscionable, and that he and other Federal and State Court Judges have been willing participants, parties, and co-conspirators to what has been called the largest pyramid scheme in the history of the world.

Judge Matz’ colloquy with an attorney for GMAC illustrates, to my mind at least, both (1) complete (extra-judicially originating) awareness of and familiarity with the details of illegal conduct on the part of originators, “lenders,” investors, and servicers in the mortgage business and California non-judicial foreclosure process, (2) a complete (extra-judicially originating) willingness to suppress such knowledge against the interests of the vast majority of the American people, for the benefit of GMAC and all other originators, “lenders”, investors, and servicers in the mortgage business and California non-judicial foreclosure process.  I do not think it is too much to say that Judge A. Howard Matz reveals, in this colloquy, sufficient “extra-judicial” knowledge and bias that he should be disqualified and/or recused in all cases involving mortgage foreclosure cases.  And if Judge Matz’ knowledge, familiarity with the facts, and attitudes towards the same represent the typical awareness of members of the Federal Judiciary sitting in California, then the entire Federal Judiciary is engaged in one gigantic coverup and is complicit in the fraud against the American people.  This colloquy has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the law or findings in this one case, but only on Judge A. Howard Matz’ discomfort with the Plaintiff’s state of knowledge and intention to charge the court with “creating a false record” (See the docket sheet and attached motion below).   The degree of judicial involvement in the mortgage crisis boggles the mind:

Focus particularly on Judge Matz’ warning to GMAC Counsel Starting at Page 13, Line 11 and continuing until Page 14, Line 8 (the link to the full transcript and U.S. Clerk’s case docket report can be found below):

“Now, I want you to contact your clients today. I want you to tell them that I was prepared to — and I am — in fact, there is no doubt about this. I am granting the motion to vacate the judgment and to reopen — that I have set forth a preliminary, far from complete, road map of all of the grounds under Rule 60 why that would be warranted; that I am prepared — if this case doesn’t settle and settle quickly, I am prepared to follow the footsteps of several other judges around the country, state and federal, to take this case as a paradigm for a much larger problem, a much larger financial, regulatory and litigation problem that can stem — that has stemmed from the way these loans were issued, packaged, securitized and then lost in the maze of confusion that you yourself understandably have suffered from.

Ms. Vandale, you have been given an unenviable task, and you have not succeeded in carrying it out, but that may not be your fault. It is impossible to understand what happened to this loan based upon what the defendants have filed. How can you expect Mr. Pineda to understand?  He’s not even a lawyer. He has done a good job of trying to protect his own interests.

Now, you tell your clients that unless this case can be disposed of, this case is going to be something that’s going to go far beyond this case.”

If it were not a distinguished Federal Judge on his bench, speaking like this on his dais and his robes ex-cathedra, but a swarthy Italian with a New York accent and a surname like “Genovese” or “Giancana” or “Gotti”, would we not call this a threat of extortion?  In fact, I think here from his Honor Judge A. Howard Matz, we have the clearest indication yet that Federal Judges know and understand the crime against the people which is the mass foreclosure of hundreds of thousands of homes and families, perhaps millions, in this one state.  

Pineda Jose L v GMAC et al Docket Report 08-cv-05341-AHM-PJW

Read the Honorable Judge Howard Matz’ complete colloquy with the parties in this transcript here very carefully:

October 26 2009 Transcript Pineda v GMAC Document 93 2-08-cv-05341-AHM-PJW

Can the Judge actually be doing anything other than threatening GMAC with “telling the truth” about misrepresentation in non-judicial mortgage foreclosure proceedings?  What does this tell us about Judge A. Howard Matz’ versions of Reality and Truth?

It appears that the colloquy in the transcript, followed by the entry of this minute order, drafted immediately following the October 26 2009 hearing and evidencing not even a hint of irregularity:

October 26 2009 Minute Order by Judge A Howard MATZ re Jose L Pineda v GMAC 2-08-cv-05341-AHM-PJW

Was filed in direct response to this particular filing by a pro se litigant:

Pineda Jose L v GMAC—Plaintiff’s Objection to and Notice of the Making of a False Record of Motion for Disqualification—2-08-cv-05341-AHM-PJW

The “legal realist” approach to judicial deconstruction is a frightening descent into the abyss of the human mind and soul: our most exalted officers as “Human, All Too Human” untermenschen capable of using their office to some really base purposes, like defrauding the people….

But if Judge A Howard Matz is not admitting that he is part of a massive cover-up of the reality of non-judicial foreclosure as a fraudulent enterprise in his colloquy with counsel for GMAC and Jose L. Pineda, exactly what IS he saying, especially in the excerpt reproduced here above?

If I could be elected to the office of United States Senator from California, I think it would “send a message” that the Banking and Mortgage Financial Industries’ Enterprise and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations’ hold on this state is no longer Political Acceptable to the People, and I would ask all United States District Judges sitting in the State of California to resign.  A very few might be reappointed on an interim basis.  

But it appears to me at least that A. Howard Matz, and probably all the United States District Judges sitting in California, have knowingly and intentionally not merely presided over but in fact approved, enforced, and ratified such a horrendous dislocation in the population as seems to have taken place 0ver the past few years not only against the lawful interests of the people, but in violation of all common and constitutional law, and at least half of the state statutes in California.  It appears to me that A. Howard Matz, and perhaps the entire Federal Judiciary in California, possessed full information regarding the truth of the illegality of the foreclosure epidemic as a crime against the American People.  Accordingly, I think that this case, and A. Howard Matz’ own words, quoted above, may yet serve as the basis for the abolition of Judicial Immunity for Federal Judges who approve and protect criminal enterprises such as the mortgage foreclosure industry in the State of California.  

The veil of “the Matrix” has been lifted very slightly here, some sunlight let into the cave, and the Revelation of Truth which signals the Apocalypse—at least the Apocalypse of the Legal and Financial Status Quo, would seem to have begun….  

I hope that the People of California will consider electing me to the United States Senate to complete the Revelation, and the Apocalypse of the Corruption of the Financial and Judicial Babylon under whose tyranny we now live….

If still aren’t convinced, read the entire transcript again.  Read the Honorable Judge Howard Matz’ colloquy with the parties, the link to which appears above, very carefully!

11 responses to “Impeachment of Judge Howard Matz: a first step towards restoring judicial integrity?

  1. A. Howard Matz should be removed from the bench for his constitutional violations and criminal involvement with denying due process to litigants. There are Senate complaints agaainst this individual and he is a defendant in Bivens and Statute 42 violation litigation. Former Judge, Fox News Analyst Andrew Napolitano features Matz’s dastardly deeds in his book, “Constitutional Chaos” and we are featuring him in two television series. Alvin Howard Matz is a criminal and taints the federal judiciary violating the Canonized Codes, federal law and FRP.

    BJ Davis
    Producers Guild of America
    Directors Guild of America 2011-02-14

  2. Yes he should
    Motive for Federal Judges is also Pensions. Theirs is the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Managed by BlackRock

  3. Steps are being taken to remove him from the public’s eyes.

    And ears.

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