Marcial Felipe Gutierrez’ Rule 59(e) Motion Rejected because Case is Closed??? 06-21-2011

Well, just a few weeks after learning about Howard Matz’ promise to the lawyers for GMAC—I find THIS: a Rule 59(e) Motion is a “Motion to Amend or Alter Judgment” which must be filed within 28 days of entry of judgment to lay grounds for an appeal.  In our “Zapotec” (Marcial Felipe Gutierrez) case—the Court has rejected the filing of a Rule 59(e) Motion on the grounds that the “case is closed” (see attachment).  This is almost TOO MUCH—Renada knows how this works—she has done it many times…  What can we possibly do when the Courts are rejected properly filed motions for spurious reasons and this has the potential to prejudice (just for example), Marcial Felipe Gutierrez’ right to appeal?  This drives me totally crazy!  I simply cannot believe that a Hispanic surnamed judge (well, a Judge named “Gutierrez” in fact) has been so completely insensitive to this Gutierrez family—who have been the victims of literally every kind of corrupt oppression imaginable….and now a few that I’ve never even imagined before, much less seen…. like this—One function of filing a Rule 59(e) Motion is to extend the time for filing an appeal until 30 days after the Judge Rules on the Rule 59(e) Motion—and when the Court Clerk improperly refuses to file the motion, well this creates a whole new can of worms/set of problems….  The Courts are MONSTROUSLY corrupt….or SO PATHETICALLY INCOMPETENT that it must be willful corruption…. But I definitely haven’t seen this before….Marcial Felipe Gutierrez’ Rule 59(e) Motion Rejected because Case is Closed—06-21-2011  What could the clerk have been thinking?  Or was this a judicially ordered “hit” to prevent the appeal in a truly outrageous and complicated case?  Or was Judge Philip S. Gutierrez afraid of deciding in favor of a poor eviction defendant named Felipe Gutierrez?  2-11-cv-01478-PSG-MANx Marcial Felipe Gutierrez Rule 59(e) Motion Rejected because case is closed?

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