The “Truth Movement” investigates Norway:

It’s Official: Norway Was a False Flag…

by  on AUGUST 1, 2011

Many in the truth movement have suspected that the attacks in Norway were a false flag operation. After nine days, we still do not have a satisfactory answer to the obvious question: How does one man detonate a bomb in Oslo, then get to an island 19 miles away and methodically shoot dozens of people..?

The zionist media initially blamed al-Qaeda or Muslim extremists for the attacks. Then they tried to spin the alleged killer, Anders Behring Breivik, as a kind of “Christian version of al -Qaeda”. They have been forced to admit that he’s a freemason – but only because this picture showing him in masonic garb has been posted all over the internet.

While the media insists that Breivik acted alone, several eyewitnesses have stated that there was more than one shooter at the attack on Utoeya Island. And initial media reports claimed two people were arrested…

Then there is this mysterious shooting: On July 24th, two masked men in military uniform shot dead a 27 year old man in his home in Sadnes, Norway. Given the fact that shootings are extremely rare in Norway, there has been speculation that this killing was meant to silence a conspirator.

Meanwhile the internet is seething with posts about Breivik’s zionist connections, and his membership in the European Defense League, a pro-israeli militant group. He allegedly sent an e-mail to Isaac Nygren, a right wing jewish politician, just one hour before he began the attacks.

However, I would like to caution the reader: If this operation is a false flag, like so many recent events – the Fort Hood and Gabrielle Giffords shooting, then this Breivik character could be an actor, and his backstory could be a complete fabrication. As we are about to see, we don’t have any proof that this man is who the media says he is, or that he even exists…

Finally, we have a motive. The Norwegian People are an educated, progressive people, and they do not like zionists. Their government has repeatedly called for sanctioning israel, and championed the right of Palestinians. They Norway Oil Fund, a state-run pension fund with assets of $450 billion, recently divested all israeli companies from its portfolio. Just four days before the attacks, the Norwegians issued the ultimate insult to the zionists, they recognized the Ambassador from Palestine.

Now to the evidence, and the lack thereof. Please note that several of these videos have already been flagged as “potentially offensive or inappropriate”, and they will probably be removed. Feel free to share these videos, and save them to your computer for secure viewing.

This first video is from the Associated Press, on the day of the attacks. Note the commentator’s careful choice of words. She does not exactly accuse al-Qaeda, but she implies that they are responsible for the bombing. Then she states that two people were arrested in connection to these attacks!

At time :31: “The blast comes as Norway grapples with a home grown terror plot linked to al-Qaeda. Two suspects are in jail awaiting charges.” 

The next five videos were posted to YouTube by San Luis Skywatch. Although some information is repeated, these videos reveal the conspiracy by showing how video evidence was faked, and suppressed.

This video shows ONE picture of Oslo in the aftermath of the explosion. This picture was cropped, shaded, and otherwise manipulated to appear as several different shots, then parsed out to the media. Then at :45, an explosion is superimposed on the picture. The fakery is obvious: A huge smoke plume detaches from the building, and people do not move or otherwise react as the top of the building is blown off.

The first half of this video repeats some information, showing the picture used by many zionist media outlets. But at 3:00, this video presents some very suspicious activity. Like car bombs that shatter windows high up in a building, yet leave windows at street level intact. And the fact that Norwegian commandos were conveniently in Oslo practicing drills in the very building that blew up, just days prior to the attacks…

This video compares the villain Anders Breivik to the “vicsims” of 9/11. And asks the question, why have we seen no video of this alleged mass murderer? Why are there only a handful of pictures of him on the internet? Why haven’t we seen his family, his troubled childhood, his sorrowful mother … anything..?

The next video begs the question: Where are the CCTV Cameras? In other words, where is the video from the dozens of cameras that actually saw the explosion?

The authorities have so far released two CCTV videos: The first video shows the inside of an electronic store. There are gadgets falling off shelves and people running, but no view of the street or the explosion. The second video shows the inside of a kabob shop! With glass shattering and patrons running for cover.

This next video is an analysis of the “Russian Video”. The video is cut at the exact moment of the explosion – surely no coincidence.

Finally, note this story about unedetonated explosives at the scene of the mass-shootings in Norway. Remember Oklahoma City, where unexploded bombs just … disappeared. If the zionists did this, they probably screwed up, leaving that ordinance there. Funny we haven’t heard a follow up story about this…

All of the original videos references here in the article above can be found in the page of the original publication at: , but see especially the you=tube links showing constantly repeated single clip:  And the AP Newsclip where the question arises: were there originally reported to be two co-conspirators from “Al Qaeda” in jail?  (Had the government just not perfected its story when the blast went off?)
and finally : what is the relevance of the 9/11 “Vicsims” to Anders Breivik’s identity?

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