The Secret Service Bought the President TWO Cadillac Campaign Buses to compete with Sarah Palin: is paying for this vehicle a valid public debt of the United States?

My general dislike for President Barack Hussein Obama is something I have not gone to any lengths to conceal.  I hated and despised first Texas Governor and then U.S. President George W. Bush with a purple passion which can only be explained by what he did to me while he was Governor, what he did to Texas while he was Governor, and what he did to the United States while President.  In 2008 I was ready for change and figured anyone would be at least a moral or spiritual improvement over Bush.  I was wrong.  I did not vote for Obama but for that sadly forgotten Libertarian Candidate, former Congressman Bob Barr from Georgia “that guy with the thick glasses” as the wife of a friend of mine in Texas described poor old Bob to me— But this is kind of serious: The Secret Service Bought Obama two $1,000,000.00+ buses.  The Supreme Court has repeatedly found NOTHING in the Constitution allowing for Taxpayer standing to challenge Government expenditures, but I think that the comparison just formulated last week clearly permits citizen challenges to all government borrowing and debt.  

These two buses—who knows what money the Secret Service used to purchase these vehicles?  “The valid public debt of the United States shall not be questioned shall not be questioned.”   But the Validity of the public debt of the United States shall be questioned.  

Obama bus catches buzz on the Web

By Claudine Zap | The Lookout – 3 hrs ago

  • Pull over, Sarah Palin: President Obama’s bus is about to run yours off the road. 

The $1.1 million (yep, you read that right) Obamamobile is, according to the Associated Press, “an impenetrable-looking conveyance the size of a cross-country Greyhound, painted all in black, with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights.” The rubber is hitting the road for the president’s current trip to Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Click on photo to view the bus vs. 'Beast' slideshow. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Two of these superbuses were commissioned by the Secret Service to chauffeur the commander-in-chief around the country — along with the eventual Republican presidential candidate and visiting dignitaries. While these babies don’t come cheap, the protection service decided the buses, normally leased and retrofitted to provide presidential protection, would pay for themselves over their projected 10-year lifespan.

The Secret Service won’t reveal specifics on the high-tech monster buses but said that they have similar features to “the Beast,” a tricked-out limo and the president’s regular ride. That official Cadillac comes with thick, reinforced doors and reportedly is equipped with bulletproof glass that can withstand a rocket-propelled grenade or a chemical attack.

The cruiser has definitely caught notice on the Web. Yahoo! lookups have revved up for “obama bus tour,” “obama bus tour schedule,” and the “obama bus” in the last day.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has been tooling around Iowa in her own sweet ride as part two of her “One Nation” bus tour. The ex-Alaska governor’s bus is a flashier model, at least on the outside, covered with red, white, and blue images of the Liberty Bell, the Constitution, the American flag, and Sarah Palin’s signature. Maybe the two can drag race.

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