Further Thoughts on the Public Debt Clause and Social Security—a major lawsuit based on 14th Amendment Waiver of Immunity?



I think I “get it” now, all the dirty details about the creation of the Social Security Trust Fund, and it really is one of the most abominable frauds in all history: the promised the people a real National Insurance Trust and they simply did not deliver.  My question is: why not?  Why would it have been either difficult or politically impractical to do things the right way, according to traditional common law standards of fiduciary duty and management?  OUTLINE FOR COMPLAINT—Draft 08-17-2011  I suppose I am naive, or something, but I think that the Government needs to Reconstruct Social Security and Medicare or else suffer the same fate as all dishonest, untrustworthy governments from Bourbon France to Romanov Russia have inevitably suffered in the historic past.  There is absolutely no excuse for the fraud in the inducement and subsequent mismanagement of Social Security, and it seems to me that Congress has, really and truly, waived immunity on this one….. big time….







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