My Son Charlie Lincoln’s 19th Birthday

As Hurricane Andrew was blowing into South Florida on the evening of August 23, 1992, my son was born in Palm Beach, Florida, at the “Birthing Place” at St. Mary’s.  My pride in this rising sophomore at St. John’s College in Maryland is probably almost unsurpassable, and certainly unsurpassed.  

For him I have invested all I have in my life and business in the Tierra Limpia Trust/Deo Vindice Foundation, and Peyton Yates Freiman and I continue to act together in his name to provide a secure future for this startlingly strong and good-looking young man.  (I only wish I had been as strong and good-looking as he is when I was 19!).  

And from that amazing night 19 years ago when I sped south along the Florida Turnpike to be there at St. Mary’s (his scheduled birthday had been estimated by the obstetrician at September 6, 1992!) through all the trials and tribulations (which trials and tribulations I celebrated by working on a Motion to Modify for a California case which, I hope, will challenge the boundaries of Constitutional and Family Law in the State of California as I have attempted to do in Texas and Florida), and all the joys, from his 1st birthday when he stood up and walked in Palm Beach, to his 5th Birthday in Galveston in 1997, his 6th birthday at Disneyland in 1998 and his 7th on the Maya Riviera at the Cabañas Capitán Lafitte in Quintana Roo on the Western shores of the Caribbean in 1999, to New Year’s Eve 2000 on Jackson Square in New Orleans, followed by his very first Mardi Gras that year, through that strange day 9-11-01 when he was at Cypress Elementary in the Fifth Grade and, well, none of us were quite sure what had happened, although his mother Elena and Grandmother Nina had seen it all in the coffee grounds that morning, to July 4, 2002, when we put on a really good fireworks display, through all the darkness of 2002-2005 brightening slowly in June 2005, July 2007, and then at Harvard in 2008-2009, and even his disappointingly dismal 18th birthday last year in Pasadena, brightened only by his starting off for College back East, this day has always been the central marker of the year for me.  So to my son I give a morning toast as the sun rises over the Eastern Seaboard where he was born, and where he’s now in College.  When I was a sophomore Gerald R. Ford was President and my college roommate was a Democrat (Tom Scott, now a lawyer in Dallas, Texas), who objected to my putting up a gigantic poster of Ford in our Campu-Facing Dormitory Window on the 6th Floor of Monroe Hall at Tulane University.  That year I played for the second time Strephon, an Arcadian Shepherd, in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe and later (for the first of several times) Papageno in Mozart’s Die Zauberflote.  I hope Charlie has as fabulous a Sophomore year as I did (marred only by my brazen attempt to study the Aztec language Nahuatl in the Spring, and finding it ten-thousands times harder than Greek or Sanskrit…I managed to graduate Magna cum Laude in spite of that—my two worst courses in college were all in linguistics… even though I’m pretty good at language…but I am no match for my son who now bounces effortlessly between Gaelic, Greek, French, German and Latin even on his Facebook Page)…. So Happy Birthday Charlie!  And sorry I am that we’re on opposite coasts of this continent for this most auspicious of days…. We started off this wonderful year celebrating most of the 12 days of Christmas back in dear, dear New Orleans, although he started back to school on his great-Grandfather Alphonse’s Birthday before the Feast of the Epiphany….  What a great Wolf-Whelp I have…. what a proud Father Wolf I am….  So Happy Birthday, Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln, IV!  And many, many happy returns.

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