The Social Security Trust Fund has never collected one dime in Social Security Taxes—it is “funded” entirely by highly and perpetually inflationary U.S. Savings Bonds!

My research into Social Security and the Social Security Trust fund Scheme to Defraud the American people has been nothing if not extremely interesting.  In briefest summary: The Social Security Trust Fund is not and never was a trust fund, nor have any Social Security Taxes ever been deposited into it.  This fact has been known since at least the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Helvering v. Davis in 1937, but the people have continued, blindly, for 74 going on 75 years, three quarters of a century, to fall for this despicable, nefarious scheme to defraud.  Make your Representatives and Senators accountable by naming them, along with the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund, in one of a massive series of lawsuits which should be filed all over the United States.  As someone once said at the Ford Theater in Washington to a distant cousin of mine: “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

With the assistance of former Bank of America Vice-President Ed Villanueva from San Diego, as of today I finally understand what is meant by the “non-marketable government securities” which now constitute 100% of the U.S. Treasury Department administered S.S.A. Trust Fund: It is indeed true that the Social Security Trust Fund has never collected even one dime of the $13.8 Trillion paid as Social Security Taxes by hardworking Americans and collected by, apparently knowing and complicit state governments.  In 1937 the United States Supreme Court confidently, but blatantly, reassured the government of the State of Alabama that it was no surrendering any sovereignty at all by handing over Social Security taxes to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, because it was (and is to this day) just the same as depositing this money into an ordinary checking account—every state from Alabama and Alaska through Utah and Wyoming can withdraw the funds merely by an order (e.g. “check”) drawn on the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 1937.    For other recent parallel commentaries on this topic please see John Attarian’s “Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund”: published way back in March 2000 and right about the same time I started working on this series, on July 27, 2011, the Chicago Tribune ran an article: “Social Security not a Trust Fund” at  This article comments, affirming what I’ve been writing here:

“No wage earner has ever “paid” a nickel into Social Security, in the sense of writing a check on their personal bank account for their contribution. How far do you think Social Security would get relying on each participant regularly mailing in 1 percent of their paycheck? The actual money that went to the feds came from employer bank accounts, never wage earners. If the feds don’t get the check, the employer goes to jail, never the wage earner.

It has always been nothing but a tax on employers. Since all employers must pay the tax, there is no competitive advantage to do any more than add it to the price of their product, thus converting the Social Security “contribution” into a silent national sales tax. In 2009 this tax was 36 percent of total federal income.

There is no Social Security trust fund. Do you think FDR ran down to the bank and deposited the first contributions into a Social Security Trust Fund account? The feds keep detailed lists of where all the money comes and goes, but these are not “trust funds.””

Now as Ed Villanueva pointed out, if you are on the Vestry of your local Church (or are one of the Elders or in the Diaconate) or if you are on the Board of Trustees of any private corporation, if you pretended to have set up a Trust fund and then just pocketed all the money going into it, without even admitting you had “borrowed” the funds or issued yourself an advance on your salary (and that of all the other Vestry members), well, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  You would be in Jail and most correctional facilities severely limit the on-line access of their inmate populations.  (And yes, in fact, I will remind my fans and critics alike that I do speak from a total of 60 days personal experience of such places, all because of my devotion to the letter and spirit of the law and my consequent willful if not positively malicious disobedience towards certain [three, I think, very bad] judges), all still sitting in the State of Texas—which is why I’m sitting writing this in the State of California….. But unlike me, if you had embezzled your Church’s trust funds, you wouldn’t be released after a week or several to go back into the world and preach what you had learned while inside the Belly of the Beast—you would sit there for a very long time.  

How has the United States government gotten away with it?  By and through Governmental Immunity….and it is now time to recognize that Clause 4:1 the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution removed the Legislative Immunity Conferred by the Original Constitution’s Article I, Section 6:3, and that the Constitution as it now stands requires that Congress preserve, protect, and defend the integrity (validity) of the United States debt from all enemies, public and Private, and if that includes Congress, well….. it’s time to hold Congress liable…. and I’m looking for those who would like to file the first blows….. So if you’re interested in filing a suit for embezzlement of your tax funds under the “Public Debt Clause” of the United States Constitution, please call Elena Borissovna at 323-317-4568 or else call Melinda Pillsbury-Foster at 559-542-2874.  © Charles Edward Lincoln, III on August 23, 2011, at 8:10 PM in Los Angeles, California 90024.

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