Historical Trajectories: the Middle Class & Communism—is the U.S. today Headed for where Russia Started in 1917? When less than 5% of the people own 95% of the wealth and property—Communism looks more attractive—that is why Obama, the Congress, the Federal & State Courts, and the Welfare System is destroying the Middle Class….

 Sunday September 25, 2011 (Originally on Facebook)

Had an interesting conversation with a young lady named Elena born in Russia today. She said how nostalgic many people still are for “the Good Old Days” under Communism. It turns out that, at least according to her story, under Communism, no one could ever lose their home because you could not sell or mortgage a home or even lose it in a divorce. That surprised me. Exploring it a little further, she explained how in Russia, when you see someone driving a Mercedes-Benz, you know it is a very wealthy person, while when you see someone driving a Mercedes-Benz in the U.S., it really doesn’t mean much at all…

On reflection, you know, what she’s really saying is that Private Property was more “private” and secure under the Soviet government than it is in the United States today, and that money is more “real” because people can’t buy luxuries like expensive cars unless they have real money… really saved up. In other words, the evil that has destroyed and continues to destroy so much of the American dream today is the Devil in the Disguise of False Money Credit—and whatever the evils of the Soviet Union were, the failure of Communism in that Country meant that it was (and still is) a more successful capitalist country than the U.S. today—whatever the labels

    • Sashka Aliaksandra Zheldakova Interesting. That “young” lady must be in her 40ies? ))) Bullshit about Mersedes stories. If you saw a person driving such a car at that time this meant not wealthiness, it would mean crime and stealing and money laundering. PRIVATE PROPERTY IN THE USSR??? WOOOW!
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    • Gerard Bechard Under communism, the apartment complex was created to house the sheeple. In Nazi Germany, Hitler wanted every family to have a house with a garden.

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    • Sashka Aliaksandra Zheldakova indeed, if the apartment complex means a 3×4 sq m room per person, then I can tell that dogs live better, sorry! NO ONE COULD SAVE, WAKE UP CHARLES!

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    • Charles E. Lincoln Look, what I was saying is that I found Elena’s (FWIW her age is 32) comments very interesting because they did not fit with my understanding of life the Soviet Union at all. (She was talking about what other people say about the old days, more than her own direct memories). Now, Elena says her father was some sort of decorated Soviet Military officer, and they even had (and still have) a separate “dacha” of some sort in the Country, so perhaps they were members of the Soviet Elite and that may have had something to do with her distinctive perspective. But whenever you meet someone who has a perspective that wildly differs from what you believe you know, it’s interesting. What I REALLY think may be at the back of all this is a bit of historical trajectory: from the perspective of SOME people, Soviet Russia may have been an improvement over Tsarist Russia. In Tsarist Russia the Emperor and Nobility might have constituted 5-10% of the population but they owned 90& of the property and wealth of the Empire. If there was some improvement in life for some percentage of the population between 1917 and say, 1930, or even between 1950 and 1960, then these are historical facts worth noting.

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    • Charles E. Lincoln To the best of my knowledge, there was no “middle class” to speak of in Pre-Revolutionary Russia, or if there was it was not nearly so well-developed or evolved as in Great Britain, France, Germany, and the USA. Russia and Eastern Europe, like Spain and most of Latin America at the time, were relatively under-developed in both technological and economic progress–is this not correct? I had a fantastic Professor of Comparative Law and Constitutional Theory from Poland in Law School (Wiktor Osiatynski) who explained in some detail a theory for why it was that Communism: Formulated by a German Jew living in the bourgeois comfort of London, whose work was wildly popular, primarily among the bourgeois and literate working classes of England, France, and Germany, never took root in the West, but was adopted in the East. Wiktor’s theory was that the barriers to the adoption of Communism in the West were the strong Middle Class and their individualistic aspirations, while in the East, a more primitive, “Peasant” society which was extremely suspicious of individual gain fostered a notion of “primitive communistic altruism” in the community. So that, what Sasha is saying “an apartment w 3 x 4 meter room per person” would have seemed an acceptable improvement over pre-revolutionary dwellings so long as EVERYBODY lived in one. And so, Communism: which gave everyone a LITTLE bit but not much, was acceptable for a while—EXCEPT that people like Elena’s relatives may have done quite well by comparison, so that there was STILL an Elite and no real equality. In that sense, I totally agree that life in Nazi Germany was probably better and more “normal” from the Western perspective than life in Soviet Russia: except for the whole War and being wiped out, bombed to smithereens and occupied legacy of the 12 year Reich…. which is what Germany and Europe have had to deal with. If Hitler had avoided war, Nazi Germany might have seemed a much more viable alternative than it does right now. But as it is, F. von Hayek’s (the Austrian economics view generally) evaluation of Naziism and just a failed variant on the Collectivist movement will probably stand, even with the greater emphasis on a more “substantial” private property….

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    • Charles E. Lincoln And here is the major point that concerns me in considering the alternative economic paths: the reality is that the false money/debt crisis in the United States (created by some of the same financial interests/international bankers/Federal Reserve-World Bank types who backed BOTH Hitler AND Roosevelt-Churchill AND the Soviet Union) is doing something interesting. Here in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, the middle class, which existed in Germany and supported Hitler but did not exist in Russia to oppose Communism, is being wiped out by mortgage foreclosures and the abuses of the common law and constitution by the Federal and State Courts (especially the Family/Domestic Relations Courts and other Courts of “limited jurisdiction”).

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    • Charles E. Lincoln The Threat to the Middle Class in America, Great Britain, and the West generally is such that soon, just as in pre-Communist Tsarist Russia, we may have a situation in the USA where less than 5% of the population own 90-95%% of the wealth and property of the Nation—some say we are there already. And when that happens… When 90-95% of the people own NOTHING—then we, in the United States, will be open to the imposition of TRUE COMMUNISM—perhaps in even a purer form than ever existed in the Soviet Union—and that is what I dread the most….the perfection of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, in which all American Heritage is subjugated under the heal of a ruthless and soulless bureaucracy which will assign to each person perhaps a room 3 x 4 meters, and we will all be living like dog-slaves? Is that not the “change” to which Obama is leading us?

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