On the Incompatibility of the Dream of Equality and the potential Reality of Freedom in a world which does not know or understand its own history or heritage

News Item at: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/california-politics/2011/10/gov-jerry-brown-has-signed-california-dream-act-legislator-says.html

The lawmaker who authored the California Dream Act said Saturday that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the bill allowing Illegal immigrants attending California universities to receive state financial aid. Brown’s office declined comment, and an announcement on the legislation has not yet been made. But Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) said he was notified Saturday morning by the governor’s aides that Brown has approved the measure, which makes illegal immigrants who are accepted into state universities eligible, starting in 2013, for Cal-Grant assistance.  The governor’s action also allows those without citizenship papers to tap into institutional grants while attending the University of California and California State University systems, and to get fee waivers in the California community college system. 

When issues like government aid to illegal aliens arise, so few in politics or the media want to face the big issues.  The United States of America is still suffering from its long history of vacillation and contradictory policies confusing, conflating, and making a hash out of the non-equivalent and largely incompatible concepts of Liberty and Equality, Freedom and Identity, Justice and Race.

Historical ignorance is the greatest plague of our population.  Or else the greatest triumph of our nation’s elite in rendering the concept of democracy both empty and impotent.  For me, I think that Confession of Error is always the first step in healing and repair of error: the Mexican War of 1846-48, instituted as a matter of Manifest Destiny, terminated in an irrational and  unjust compromise between land acquisition, cultural suspicions, and racial politics, was wrongly terminated and resolved:

Once Robert E. Lee had raised the Stars & Stripes over Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, either the United States should have withdrawn, returned Texas, and not have absorbed ANY territory from its Southern Neighbor or we should have absorbed ALL of it, the entire country, and the entire population.

My grandfather always said of Richard Nixon that he was doomed by his indecisiveness and contradictions in his policies (his career trajectory as the virulent anti-communist who opened the doors to Detente and Red Chinese domination of the world), but face it: vacillation and uncertainty and indecisive behavior are among the most consistent of American traditions.

The basic structure of the racial mix and heritage of Mexico is the same as the U.S. and Canada except for percentages: Mexico is a Culturally European Nation built on the ashes of Conquered Native American Civilization.  Spain expelled most of its middle class (the Jewish & Arabic-Muslim Merchants) the same year that Columbus discovered the New World.  As a direct consequence of the Continuation of the “Reconquista” of the Caliphate of Cordoba, the Spanish “Conquista” of the New World was a military rather than commercial-agricultural venture.  The Spanish soldiers left home alone and many of them took Indian wives.

That is the origin of the Mixed Race, “La Raza Meztiza” of Tlatelolco which is the Mexico of today.  Otherwise, the main difference is one of ethnic demographics and indigenous population: the Maya, Aztec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Tarascans, Otomi, etc., were much more numerous than the Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw.  So “Mexicans” look different from “Americans” even though many “WASPS” like me have Indian blood and heritage.  The race of Tlatelolco, born of Spanish Fatherhood (Patria) and Indian Motherhood (Cultura Matriz) has evolved to the point that it should probably be recognized as one of the distinct racial profiles of the world.

The boundaries set by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, however, have no meaning.  In the time of the Texas Revolution, Texas and Yucatan, at the opposite ends of Mexico, were collaborating.  The United States should have helped them Unite.  The Spanish heritage of every state along Interstates-10 & 8, from St. Augustine, Florida, Founded 1565, to San Diego de Alcala (1769), passing through New Orleans and San Antonio (both 1718) is obvious.  Throughout that corridor, the Indian heritage is also plain.  So what is best for the future of the world now?  Should the Mexican Race of Tlatelolco be segregated and kept autonomous or integrated with the population of America?

While I believe that the White, Asian, and African races in general should maintain their integrity and cultural identity, the simple truth is that the North Americans, from the “Metis” of Canada through WASPS like me with some Indian ancestors to “Mestizos” readily identifiable as “Mexicans”, are just different mixes of all the same basic ingredients: European Fathers and Native American wives.  In recent times there has been more of a tendency for White women to go with dark men, in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, but that’s a different story.  And while I am inalterably opposed to the supposed “Secret Agreements” for a North American Union which George W. Bush and others is supposed to have concluded, I cannot deny that the racial logic behind separation of the Mexican and North American populations is almost entirely absent.  On the other hand, if it were not for the promise of “Welfare” (such as “Cal-Grants”) would there really be any problem of illegal immigration into the United States, or is it precisely the promise of government support which has drawn people like a magnet from all over the world?

Many believe that the ends of Socialism in the 20th century required destruction of racial boundaries, that the destruction of private property and private identity, and individual interests, extended to individual families and racial groups (extended families), all go hand-in-hand together.  Jerry Brown is plainly a classic corporate-supported socialist of the “Brave New World” in that regard.  He has made his choice: do the American people of Anglo-European origin agree?  Is redistribution of wealth, or the abolition of accumulated wealth and private property, to be accomplished by obliterating accumulated cultural heritage, learning, and racial subconscious  knowledge and memory?  If the Mixed (Mestizo) Race of Mexico, you might call it the Race of “Anahuac” or “Tlatelolco”)  to be the future, will it combine the heritage and historical memory of Europe and Ancient America equally, or will it seek to erase all trace of both?  Are Americans so intoxicated with their modern culture of Television and Entertainment that they will not care?  What are the consequences of Jerry Brown’s effective erasure of all possible stigmata of illegal immigration?   I can only say that, for my part, I wish he had established “equality” by abolishing government assistance for all rather than extending it to one more group.  Socialism and redistribution suck away at our souls and set us one against each other in the constant but continually ignoble quest for government hand outs either of other people’s money, or for the manufacture of new money.

One response to “On the Incompatibility of the Dream of Equality and the potential Reality of Freedom in a world which does not know or understand its own history or heritage

  1. “Dream Act” is a nightmare for CA & shows why that state is in such economic disarray. Gov. Jerry Brown should be impeached for stupidity.

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