For All the Saints, all hearts are brave and arms are strong: If we have Enemies, how have we earned them? If it is by standing up for justice, right, and equity, or for Family, Home, and Freedom, then let us celebrate our enemies hatred of us.

 For All the Saints, who from their labors rest, who Thee by Faith before the World confessed, all hearts are brave again and arms are strong!The Lion of Saint Mark---the Evangelist

The Voice of Him that Cryeth in the Wilderness, "Prepare ye the Way of the Lord"

Anyone who has ever gone about in the Wilderness (of the Hill Country of Texas, for Instance) denouncing vile parasitic predators such as Judge Michael Jergins and the other Judges and Prosecutors of Williamson County, Texas, the family lawyers and specialists in Family Law all over Texas, including Judges Lora Livingston and Jeanne Meurer in Travis County, lawyers like Ray Grill, John F. Campbell, J. Randall Grimes, Laurie Nowlin, etc., are bound to be considered madmen (and man-women), bad people, enemies of orderly society, even “terrorists.”  We who live to fight injustice must accept such red badges of courage calmly, even welcome them.

I have now realized that in Orange County, California, there is the same culture of dishonest, fraudulent government by conspiracy between judges and lawyers—a massive culture of deceit and deception.   With a population almost 8 times that of Williamson County, Texas (“The O.C.” has an estimated 3,100,000 inhabitants in 2011 compared with 422,000 in Williamson County in the 2010 Census), it would be expected that the problems in California are deeper, harder to identified and eradicated, but that is not necessarily true.

In Texas, the smaller population means that ever person who protests stands out all the more, and is an “easier target.”  Here in California, Judges like Clay M. Smith of Department 69 are more sophisticated and “suave” than their Texas Counterparts, like Michael Jergins, but they are just as conniving, arrogant, and distainful of the law.  The larger population means that there is a greater “bank” of stories of oppression, however, and more room to stand and shout in a crowd together, rather than merely being one voice alone, crying among the concrete jungles that were were once Orange Groves.

I am now hearing stories from San Diego County of Judges who say that pro se litigants will NEVER receive equal treatment when compared with lawyers in their courts.  This kind of arrogance is utterly intolerable.

The culture of apathy and acquiescence is just as strong, just as overwhelming, in California as it is in Texas, but just as the population is larger, so are the cells of resistance.  The time has come to remember the victims of oppression in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tulare, Ventura, and every other County of California.  We have to stop pretending that this state has any moral “high ground” when compared to Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas or West Virginia.

The Judges and Lawyers agree and conspire to suspend the constitution or ignore it eternally for litigants in Domestic Relations and Family Courts, Superior Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (Forcible Eviction & Unlawful Detainer Courts), and Superior Courts of Unlimited Jurisdiction (where challenges to non-judicial foreclosures are thrown out almost as fast as they are filed).

Those who would defend Family, Home, and Freedom in California are indeed like isolate lions roaring in the Wilderness, like Saint Mark the Evangelist describing the Advent of Saint John the Baptist.  But if we angry and roaring lions can somehow come together, and roar together, and show the corrupt judges and truly criminal lawyers our teeth and claws, then perhaps there will be change, in Orange County sooner than in Williamson County, in Tulare and Riverside sooner than in Travis and Dallas Counties, and California will once again lead the socio-political and techno-economic culture of the United States of America in a positive direction rather than deeper and deeper into Hell.

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