No Fault Divorce and Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”

         Dr. Kathy Lawson, whom I have mentioned often on these pages as one of the most serious defense-of-marriage advocates I know, sent me this very interesting link just earlier this evening:
          I hope you will all watch it and maybe think about its significance.  I have been working with Kathy, a psychologist in Palm Beach, Florida, and have only the highest regard for her and her work.
        All of us have a duty, I think to try to defend the basic institutions of civilized society, and nothing is more important than marriage and the family.  It is complex, it is sometimes as awkward and difficult as original sin in the Garden of Eden, and it is widely misunderstood.
            As Don Henley’s song goes, “we’ve been poisoned by these fairy tales….this is the end of the innocence.”
         In my life experience, and somewhat ironically, the Troubadours of the Middle Ages knew, understood, and articulated best the falseness of certain fairtales when they told of the complex and ambiguous, relationship between marriage and love and the position of Knights and their Lady loves.
         There is a reason why the Arthurian stories of Tristan und Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere, have endured as the greatest love stories through the ages: these are not fairytales nor are they poisoned by false innocence—they accept people as they really are and try to bring out the best of our post-Edenic humanity.

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