Sean Michael Parks arrested; is Catherine Bryan of Kokopelli Community Workshop Next?

Affidavit of John W Roberts for Arrest of Sean Michael Park USDC SDCA 10-2011 Sean Michael Park’s Arrest Docket 10-21-2011 to 10-27-2011

The jails seem to be filling up, these days, with people who fight the Banking System.  There are at least two ways of looking at this growing trend and phenomenon:

(1)    Individuals who engage in high profile litigation draw attention to themselves and heightened scrutiny of their activities.  (This is the perspective most favorable to the Government).  “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks”—so if you have any potentially smelly corpses or skeletons in your closet, you should not draw attention to yourself.

(2)    Individuals who make a career out of challenging the status quo should expect to be squashed like bugs because, after all, from the standpoint of the ruling elite, that’s exactly what the challengers are: annoying bugs who stand in the way of the rich getting richer (but they won’t stand in the way for long). (This is, perhaps, the more realistic perspective).

What’s curious about the timing of the case of Sean Michael Parks is that he and Catherine Bryan have both been jointly and severally accused (albeit, so far, informally) of embezzlement by conspiracy, inducing a criminal breach of fiduciary duty, and wire-fraud by one or more “fellow-travellers”, activists in the Mortgage Foreclosure Protest movement.   

Sean Michael Park’s accusing fellow-travellers choose to remain anonymous for the moment and has asked me for an ethics opinion: when revolutionaries betray each other, should the betrayed party seek the assistance of or invoke the power of the government to squash his treacherous erstwhile compatriot?

Theft of small amounts of money from a Bank, or fraudulent statements regarding small amounts of money to a U.S. Court, positively pales in comparison with the massive epic frauds of which (those of us who have studied the matter) know the American Banks and Securities-Financial Industry generally to be guilty.

But when wealthier activists, protesters, and revolutionaries such as Sean Michael Park steal from poorer activists, protesters and revolutionaries, it demeans the movement, hurts the poor, and only helps the counter-revolution.  

Revealing a fellow-traveller’s allegations of treachery of people like Sean Michael Park and Catherine Bryan to the world at large would never help our cause, but neither does letting them get by with their cunning, back-stabbing ways.  Is it worse to let one or two bad eggs in the movement crack if they’re really guilty of crimes even against their fellows or should activists, protesters, and revolutionaries stick together against the Financial-Government-Industrial Complex at all costs?  What, in short, is the moral obligation of “we who are still free?”  Should we use the corrupt system to settle our disputes with one-another and subject the treacherous among us to the worst penalties that all of us know we face for our activism?  Or should we suffer and withstand the injuries the treacherous and greedy within our ranks inflict on us so that we can stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” against the greater enemy, which eventually wants to imprison all of us on charges which may be true or false, serious or trivial, it hardly matters so long as they push us out of the way.

So, the victim(s) of Sean Michael Park and Catherine Bryan is perplexed, and wonders what s/he should do?  Should he add his or her complaint to the Federal Prosecutor’s arsenal against Sean Michael Park and Catherine Bryan or should he stand by his or her fellow-travellers and deal with their treachery in some other way?

A rumor is floating around that someone inside the FBI or U.S. Attorneys office has speculated that Sean Michael Park might be released, and prosecution deferred, if Park would drop all of his numerous challenges to various foreclosure proceedings against his property, including his challenge to the Summary Judicial Eviction order against him for his home.  This rumor (unsubstantiated at present) would strongly suggest that the prosecution against Sean Michael Park is merely pretextual.  

It is noteworthy, in this connexion, that the charges against Sean Michael Park relate to transactions with, financial instruments allegedly received from (or pretended to be received from) his tenants in various rental properties.

It is standard practice and procedure for the Banksters to arrange to poison relationships between real-estate investors and their tenants, to give the tenants rewards or special favors for turning against their small investor-landlords in favor of the banks/secured financial industry specialists.  “Possession is 9 points on the law” and the loyalty or lack of loyalty of tenants is an easy way to transfer possession from one “claimant” of ownership to another.  

So the Banks cut deals with tenants and this is what they may have done with Sean Michael Park’s tenants.  I have no actual knowledge of anything that happened in relation to the Complaint or Criminal Charges against Sean Michael Park, and I have heard from fellow activists that Sean Michael Park and Catherine Bryan are swindlers and embezzlers.  But I submit that it is at least possible that the Banks gave the tenants false/forged cashier’s checks or money orders for free, precisely with the long-term plan of entrapping Sean Michael Park.  I haven’t examined the forgeries—I haven’t even seen pictures of them, but if they are GOOD forgeries—well, to the best of my knowledge, Sean Michael Park was an AIRLINE FLIGHT ATTENDANT before he was a real-estate investor, and the opportunities for learning how to be a skillful forger of cashier’s checks in the position of AIRLINE STEWARD or FLIGHT ATTENDANT are, to the best of my knowledge, slim-to-none, minimal at best.

But the coincidence troubles me: some of Sean Michael Park’s most sympathetic allies felt he had betrayed and cheated them, in the most outrageous and egregious manner possible.  

Conspiracy to Embezzle Funds held in Fiduciary Capacity is a crime having no elements in common with Obstruction of Justice or Perjury or Forgery of Evidence except general dishonesty and  mens rea.   

So here’s the ethics question: what should the offended co-traveller do?  Assist in the prosecution of Sean Michael Park or assist in his defense?  

As all the world knows, I have been the victim of malicious prosecution myself—not once but at least on two completely separate and distinct occasions.  I have the maximum possible sympathy for the many activists and protesters who have been indicted more because of their beliefs and ideologically motivated activism than because of any real wrongdoing.   

But I always like to point out that some of the strongest evidence my persecutors in Texas ever used against me was that I gave a refund to clients and a bonus to employees who claimed dissatisfaction with my services and/or patronage.  Several lawyers in Texas told me that no lawyer ever makes a refund to any client, so it was extremely suspicious that I did.  Sean Michael Park and Catherine Bryan have not made any refund to the party they cheated and from whom they conspired to embezzle.

11 responses to “Sean Michael Parks arrested; is Catherine Bryan of Kokopelli Community Workshop Next?

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  2. What is the latest on this? Ive also had many bad experiences with Park and cant find sympathy. Would like to hear details of others fraud and embezzlement experiences.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      If you want to talk, you should identify yourself. I say lots of controversial things and even (especially in light of Senate Bill 1867) some downright subversive and terroristic things here on this blog, and I say so under my own name, pledging my life, my fortune, my sacred honor, to the truth and sincerity of everything I do or say or write. Just like the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, I know that, if I (if the American Patriots) lose this War for Freedom, I (we) have all signed our own death warrants by what we say here.
      Having said that, Sean Michael Park is someone I know personally from only one meeting, and otherwise I know of his property, his activities, his decisions, and cases primarily through Catherine Bryan, secondarily through his attorneys. I know two of the attorneys representing Sean Michael Park (Nathan MacPherson and his father Donald W. MacPherson) somewhat better than I know him personally. They believe that Sean is more innocent than guilty. I don’t know. A Proof of Claim has been filed with the Bankruptcy Court on behalf of Tierra Limpia. Whether it goes any further than that is a matter that remains to be seen. You can call 310-773-6023 for further information, but only if you identify yourself and give a real phone number…..that is my eternal policy: open covenants, openly arrived at. If you want to maintain confidential status, you might try to reach Mr. Park’s attorneys directly. Nathan is licensed in California and practices primarily in San Diego County. The MacPhersons are top notch people (despite being licensed attorneys—it’s the other 99.999 percent of the bar that give the rest a bad name…)

  3. Sean park swindled many. Hope he is imprisoned.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      The story of Sean Michael Park is very troublesome. He looks like a fine “clean cut young man,” has a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. I basically liked him on sight although he did seem very quiet and deferential to Catherine Bryan of Kokopelli workshop (who is very different). I feel bad about the whole situation with Sean Michael Park. His kids need their Dad, even if he did do some super-stupid, double-dumb things. The world does not need any more basically decent people in prison (there are quite enough already). If what you say is true, the “Sean Park swindled many,” I would propose that his property be distributed to those he swindled (and, yes, as a matter of fact, that would include me…although you might say that the swindle was relatively small and minor). My good friend Jerry O’Neil in the Montana legislature has privately (I don’t think yet publicly) suggested that we should reinstitute flogging, whipping, maybe even branding as alternatives to imprisonment. Better that a person’s body be scarred as outward and visible signs and reminders of his crimes than that a potentially productive person, like Sean Michael Park, be locked away for the best years of his life as part of the Social Welfare System of this increasingly insane, perverted country. We are squeamish and we don’t like the blood that the lash or branding iron would make, but we are perfectly comfortable putting people out of sight and out of mind for years on end, in places which end up rotting their minds and souls to no good end, and preventing these people from making amends to those they hurt. Sean Michael Park swindled me and he may have swindled others and forged documents (including cashier’s checks and money orders) for all I know. But prison is not the solution: forced restitution of money stolen and other civil penalties, such as punitive damages, make much more social and economic sense in a Free Country. As one of my professors back at U. of C. Law School used to say, “If I were sitting on the Court, every crime would sound in Tort.” I totally agree. The Old Viking/Anglo-Saxon Custom of Weregeld was far superior to incarceration.

  4. It looks like our boy Sean Michael Park is on the lam. WTF is going on?!

    03/05/2012    15    Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Janis L. Sammartino : Sean Michael Park failed to appear for Motions In Limine as ordered by Judge Janis L. Sammartino. Pretrial Services Officer Joshua Gravell also informs the court Mr. Park’s failure to report as instructed. Govt’s oral motion for a no bail bench warrant be issued is granted. Donald L. Levine’s oral request to be relieved as counsel is granted. Court appoints Ezekiel E Cortez as new advisory counsel of record for Sean Michael Park (Court Reporter M. Pierson / CRD A Ramos / Pretrial Services Officer Joshua Gravell / AUSA Neama Rahmani / CJA Donald Levine) (acr) (Entered: 03/05/2012)

    03/05/2012    16    ARREST WARRANT ISSUED by Judge Janis L. Sammartino as to Sean Michael Park (acr) (Entered: 03/05/2012)

  5. What happened to Sean park? I havent heard about him in ages, its like he disappeared. Hope hes got whats coming to him.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Sean Michael Park is just so “two years ago” in my life. I am not sure what has become of him. I THINK he got off without significant jail time but if anyone knows better I would appreciate an update. He caused me OCEANS of problems for having dealt with him at all, but mostly I regretted that he wrecked what had appeared to be a promising partnership with Catherine Bryan and the Kokopelli Workshop. Catherine was full of energy and dedication to the cause but she sure bet on the wrong horse in the person of SMP. But even so far as SMP goes I do not hate him. I do not consider him evil incarnate or anything. He took a few too many “Patriot Remedy” pills in addition to being just a little bit too greedy and misguided to be a real flag bearer for the mortgage reform movement in California. I have not found the right sponsor for that cause and it seems to me that California MAY be beyond redemption—so far sunken into corporate-state-socialism that it might as well be annexed as the Easternmost province of Red China. No, I take that back. We should split it with them. They can have the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles as enclaves kind of the way Great Britain used to have Hong Kong, but we get to keep the Redwood Forests and Malibu-Silicon Valley. I’d let the Red Chinese take Orange County too. Orly and Yosi Taitz would definitely fit in better in China than in the USA. But split up LA County so we keep everything north of the basin proper—the Getty Villa in Malibu has to stay in the US, and all the way up the coast from there to the Frisco City limits… What a joke it would be to call LA, SF, and the OC “Free Trade Zones.”

  6. wow!! i dont understand what “Patriot Remedy” pills are. What do you mean?

    you wrote about what he did to you but how was he “greedy” to the mortgage reform movement?

    crazy Story!!!

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      By “Patriot Remedy Pills” I mean legal or procedural gizmos or tactics or concepts like throwing admiralty or the UCC into places where they do not belong. Admiralty law cannot legitimately be used except in cases involving boats, navigable waterways, carriage of goods by sea or inland waterways, or port areas of any city, but certain Patriots think, because of the heavy weight Admiralty has had in places like New Orleans and Houston, that you can apply admiralty laws ANYWHERE, to ANYTHING. The UCC can only be applied in actual commercial settings and for the most part that does not apply the judicial procedure (court rules) or constitutional rights, but some Patriots apply the UCC EVERYWHERE and it gets real tiresome, real fast (especially to judges and their law clerks). Sean Michael Parks mixed up all these ideas and principles together with a few notions of real and and straw man identities which really don’t come from any legitimate field of law and his pleadings were just an embarrassing mess as was his treatment of his lawyers and everyone else involved in his cases. But if I’m correct that he avoided serious jail time (which you neither confirmed nor denied) then in essence his strategies worked—and nothing succeeds like success. But I’m convinced that half the time “Patriot” gimmickry works largely because Judges get confused and aggravated and figure that if anybody can say anything that weird they can’t really be smart enough to be a serious danger to society, so… let ’em go…..

      Charles Edward Lincoln, III”Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint! Und das mit Recht.” Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia In case of emergency call Gonzalo Diaz (Los Angeles)  at 213-255-8806 or e-mail leichenfeier6@gmail.comMatthew 10:34-39Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. . . . And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. . . .  

      • Fellow traveler

        I havent seen Sean parks pleadings. You should post them here so we can all read them. I bet theyre pretty insane if theyre like the Sean park I know!!!

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