“The Spirit of 1984” in 2011 = “Stagnation & Stasis are Change” + “Trivial & Unimportant are Critical” + “The Constitution is the Irrelevant Source of and Solution to All Problems”

OK, Nobody yet has ACTUALLY articulated those exact phrases (except for me right here), but this does appear to be the shape of the 2012 Campaign taking form as of November 15, 2011.  Because Rick Perry occasionally says really interesting things (such as “Texas might consider seceding from the Union”) he sounds like he might be a real conservative, but on closer examination, everything he talks about is pure fraudulent whitewash at the best.  The following article, published today, listed certain items on Perry’s agenda as if they were important, when in fact they are trivial:

Rick Perry issues plan to ‘uproot’ government, make Congress part-time

By Rachel Rose Hartman | The Ticket – 3 hrs ago

Perry (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

Rick Perry unveiled a plan to “dismantle” Washington during a speech to Iowa voters Tuesday in which he claimed the government simply can’t be fixed, it must be “uprooted.”

“Our country’s foundation–the American people, the United States Constitution–there’s nothing wrong with them they’re still strong,” Perry said during a speech delivered in Bettendorf, Iowa. “It’s what the politicians and bureaucrats have built, on the backs of American taxpayers, it’s gotta be replaced and rebuilt.”

Perry, the governor of Texas, positioned himself as the only outsider in the 2012 presidential race and squarely took aim at Congress. He proposed turning the job of a member of Congress into a part-time gig, halving member pay and office budgets, and he threatened members with further salary reductions in the absence of a balanced federal budget by 2020.

In addition to his plans for the legislative branch, Perry’s proposals include:

Ending lifetime appointments for federal judges, and establishing eight-year terms for Supreme Court Justices.

-Eliminating the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy.

-Reforming federal regulations by auditing all regulations released since 2008.

-Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

-Criminalizing insider trading for members of Congress.

-Turning the Transportation Security Administration into a public-private partnership.


Now let’s just look at these proposals and see whether any of them represents fundamental change:

(1) “Perry takes aim at Congress”: He proposed turning the job of a member of Congress into a part-time gig, halving member pay and office budgets, and he threatened members with further salary reductions in the absence of a balanced federal budget by 2020.

Well, none of these things can be done without a constitutional amendment, and/or at least the consensus & consent of Congress (and without a serious threat of imposing serious criminal or civil liability for something, fat chance).  What is so lucrative about being a Congressman is not the pay, or even the benefits, but the lifetime security of being a lobbyist….. just try changing THAT….  And anyhow, Congressional pay is NOT the major problem in the U.S. economy.  As for Balanced Budgets by 2020?  Gimme a break: if the money were REAL, we would have Balanced Budgets.  There was NO REAL DEFICIT spending before the Federal Reserve Banking system went into place.  When U.S. Bonds were like ordinary commercial bonds, they were real “securities” reflecting real value—and that’s not inflationary.  In fact, REAL BONDS, REALLY SECURITIZED BY PRIVITY OF CONTRACT AND HOLDER-IN-DUE-COURSE DOCTRINE CONNECTIONS TO REAL OR MOVABLE PROPERTY are the foundation of a sound but active economy.  

(2)  “In addition to his plans for the legislative branch, Perry’s proposals include:-Ending lifetime appointments for federal judges, and establishing eight-year terms for Supreme Court Justices.-Eliminating the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy.-Reforming federal regulations by auditing all regulations released since 2008.-Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.-Criminalizing insider trading for members of Congress.-Turning the Transportation Security Administration into a public-private partnership.”

There is more substance in a game of Trivial Pursuit (which used to be one of my favorite games….haven’t played it in years, the old gang just too spread out…. all that sort of thing).  As for the specifics, ending life-time tenure for Federal Justices is another Constitutional Amendment which would merely district from the real problems: lifetime tenure is not the problem with Federal Judges, “FEDERAL LAW AND POLICY BEING CORRECTLY APPLIED” is the problem with Federal Judges.  But changing the specifics of Federal Law and Policy would involve fundamental change, while amending the Constitution to give Judges 8 year terms would not really change anything.  

I actually recall rather distinctly that Governor Ronald Reagan had promised in his 1980 Election campaign for President to eliminate the Departments of Commerce, Education, and Energy, but he did not even try.  This is the burden of being 51 years old and not yet suffering from Alzheimer’s…. I have heard all this crap before from other “Pretenders”.  

And Rick Perry is nothing BUT a Pretender.  “Reforming Federal Regulations by auditing all Federal regulations issued since 2008?”  WOW—as IF that were anything but a trivial but incredibly minor slap in the face to Obama—WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE that is NEW OR DIFFERENT from GEORGE W. BUSH?  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME?  Aside from a rather disturbing program of having children sing songs about him in school and taking the whole concept of the Imperial Presidency to a level which might have strained the credulity of Roman Emperors Caligula and Nero, aside from showing us that George W. Bush was not REALLY the WORST POSSIBLE PRESIDENT, that further degrees of degradation and degeneration really were not merely theoretically but actually possible, and in general by taking governmental hypocrisy and lies to an all time new high—BARACK OBAMA HAS NO INSTITUTED ANY NEW PROGRAMS IN THE US.  HIS POLICIES AND THE RESULTANT REGULATIONS ARE ALL JUST A DIRECT AND UNINTERRUPTED CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION.  

The Federal Register, and CFR, took its largest ever leap of expansion in MY lifetime under President Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Second largest under William Jefferson Clinton.  Audit New Regulations since 2008????  Well, that’s so pathetic, it’s almost FUNNY to call that an “UPROOTING” of the Federal Government in Washington.  Rick Perry, and everyone who supports him, needs their heads examined.

George W. Bush is/was/will always be a Hypocritical Brutal Warmongering Corporate Communist with White Skin.  Barack H. Obama is/was/always will be a Brutal Hypocritical Warmongering Corporate Communist of Mixed Race. THAT is the MAJOR difference between these two and THAT is why the brain dead American people voted for Obama over McCain. During the Presidency of Obama, the cutest white girls on Campus are even MORE likely to date black men now than they were before—but again, this is a long term process, nothing new that didn’t ultimately start under Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.

THE FUNNIEST OF ALL RICK PERRY’S PROPOSALS is to “Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”—now what’s so completely hilarious about this one is that it was NOT Obama but BUSH who Nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September of 2008 BEFORE THE ELECTION.  Fannie and Freddie BOTH started out as Government Sponsored Enterprises/Governmentally Owned Corporations, and they have bounced back and forth between “private” and “public” ownership for the past sixty years or so with no discernible changes in policy or product.  Now ABOLISHING Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—THERE’s a real (if only minor) change…..ABOLISHING the Federal Reserve Banking System (that’s real change worth talking about….but where is it on Rick Perry’s list now????)

Insider Trading for Congressmen Criminalized?  I was NOT aware that Legislative Immunity ever extended to the criminal law under Article I or any other provision of the Constitution…. what am I (and what is Rick Perry) missing here?  Oh, “Insider Trading” is again an extremely trivial aspect of the problem, that’s what it is….

Make the Transportation Safety Administration a joint Federal Private venture?  Well, that’s ALMOST as funny as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac—it STARTED OUT private less than 10 years ago and then was “nationalized”……

Rick Perry is a complete nightmare…..and a fraud…..but his fraud is equalled by that Congressman from Georgia Newt Gingrich who also pretends to be Constitution-loving Conservative but who, as part the implementation of his “Contract on America” in 1994, achieved not only the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 but as a direct result the passage of the Blatantly UnAmerican and UnConstitutional “Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act” of 1996, which effectively abolished Habeas Corpus and Constituted, without any reservation whatsoever, “the most Pernicious Attack Upon English Liberties.”

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