Happy Birthday, Renada Nadine March: Starting our Third Year of Collaboration, you are still the Buffy Summers of the NonJudicial Foreclosure War in Orange County, California: One Girl in all the World against the Lawyers and Judges and other Forces of Darkness

Fighting against the Establishment is often a long and lonely battle.  Friendships and alliances come and go like gusts of air.  The rubbish heap of my personal history is littered with people here today and gone tomorrow, and/or rabbits and fuzzy-bunnies who hop into and out of the road of our lives, “hare today and goon tomorrow” as the case may be.  In this Brave New World, legal, personal, and political alliances are just hard to come by and harder to maintain.

So today I salute Renada Nadine March and her amazing dedication and persistence.  RNM v DMR Legal Malpractice 11-16-2011

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