FOR FAMILY, HOME, & FREEDOM: Charles Edward Lincoln, III, for United States Senate 2012 (Soliciting Contributions Now)


Time to End Corporate Control of the Senate 11-17-2011

Time to Knock over the Nine-Pins of the Establishment, so let's go bowling.....

Time to Knock over the Nine-Pins of the Establishment, so let's go bowling.....

Does this man look like a disbarred attorney who fought for civil rights for all the people, who still fights the banks, is a convicted Felon who (the bastard) admitted in Court to having misstated two digits of his social security number once in 1996, and now wants to be a United States Senator from California in 2012?  Would his election scare the banks?  You bet!  Would his election radically change America….if Charles Edward Lincoln, III, were to be elected to the United States Senate, it would change America to the point that the land of the free and the home of the brave would no longer be unrecognizable as such.

I cannot possibly compete in this election without your support.  I will need to fight one of the most established of the establishment’s politicians—U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Please send your Contributions For Family, Home, & Freedom, to: Charles Edward Lincoln, III, for United States Senate (“Lincoln for Senate 2012”): at 

952 Gayley Avenue, #143, Los Angeles, CA 90024



Charles Edward Lincoln, III

November 12, 2011


(1)           END THE MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CRISIS:  This is easier than it sounds because it merely involves restoring the elementary common law of securitization of obligations:

  1. a.    abolish the SEC and outlaw all debt, equity, and derivative securities not supported by contracts providing for strict adherence to the common law doctrines of holder-in-due course (HIDC) and strict privity of contract (POC), and
  2. b.    reverse all title transfers made pursuant to foreclosures based on claims made by and under “derivative” or “pooled” debt and equity securities not providing for POC and HIDC issued since January 1, 1994. 
  3. c.    Whenever title and occupancy of any real property has been transferred more than once (by foreclosure and eviction) since 1994, the most recent purchaser will be awarded quiet title only after notice and opportunity are given to all previous owners SINCE January 1, 1994, to present their claims. 
  4. d.    In all other cases, the last private owner before any foreclosure and eviction which took place since Y2K will be awarded quiet title and damages as part of the redistribution of assets which will remain in the hands of the banking and securities institutions which foreclosed on properties since 2000. 
  5. e.    The jurisdiction of the Federal Courts to resolve these questions shall be guaranteed and confirmed by statute and special magistrates to preside over the decision of all such cases as may arise, and to try all facts according to the common law by a jury, according to the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution.



  1. a.    First, the Social Security Trust Fund will receive 100% of all Social Security taxes paid by the American people;
  2. b.    Second, the Social Security Trust Fund will be administered according to the common law of fiduciary duties and obligations for the first time in history, but for now and forever more (by constitutional amendment if necessary);
  3. c.    Third and most important the government will sell off assets and file multiple suits/institute prosecution to reclaim misspent bailout money giveaways to corporate cronies to repay the $14-15,000,000,000,000 (fourteen-fifteen trillion) dollars embezzled since 1937, plus interest accrued, plus individual actual, special, and consequential damages, under the false pretexts of legislative immunities for social security fraud.
  4. d.    All recovered funds will be reinvested in the Social Security Trust Fund, which will stand in the future as a monument to the honor and full faith and credit of the United States.
  5. e.    (Legislative immunity was modified by the Fourteenth Amendment just for this purpose and
  6. f.     all responsible legislators and members of the executive branch and independent commissions or agencies will be held accountable for their actions;
  7. g.    statutes of limitations will be suspended by private laws which a Senator has the power to propose and Congress may then adopt without changing the general law—and
  8. h.    such suits will be filed as necessary to disgorge government misspending from the beneficiaries of fraud and corruption as far back into history as it is reasonably practicable to dig—
  9. i.     I used to an archaeologist you know…so I believe in digging pretty far back, especially for fraud and theft).


(3)           PATRIOT ACT REPEALED: The Patriot Act will be declared unconstitutional and absolutely and totally repealed, along with Real ID, and Habeas Corpus will be restored to the full majesty and vigor it had before 1996 when AEDPA (Newt Gingrich’s baby “Patriot Act”) was adopted (Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996).

  1. a.    All investigations and prosecutions under the Patriot Act and AEDPA will be closed and all convictions obtained since 1996 will be annulled unless based in part on actual, factually certain, common law crimes). 
  2. b.    All federal criminal statutes enacted solely under the Federal Jurisdiction provided by the commerce clause and “general welfare” clauses shall likewise be repealed and convictions annulled along similar lines. 
  3. c.    All funds belonging to the Social Security Trust fund which were used for the administration or the enforcement of the Patriot Act or AEDPA which are not claimed within 2 years by victims of the Patriot Act or AEDPA will be restored to the Social Security Trust fund,
  4. d.    plus the government shall provide treble the amount of any funds awarded within such 2 years as damages for deposit into the social security trust fund, by the sale or recovery of misspent or corruptly spent funds retaken in suits for disgorgement.



  1. a.    Legislative, Executive, and Judicial immunities for the passage and enforcement of the Patriot Act and AEDPA will be removed. 
  2. b.    Citizen standing to petition the federal courts and there to claim a right to redress of grievances, and to sue or initiate actions against governmental officers for their legislative, executive, or judicial actions in violation of the constitution, and to question the constitutionality of statutes or regulations under which they were deprived in the past (or may be threatened with deprivation in the future) of any interests in life, liberty, or property shall never be questioned,
  3. c.    shall be made expressly available through Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus, Quo Warranto, and Constitutional Injunction, and
  4. d.    no statute of limitations to such constitutional challenges to governmental deprivation shall ever again be recognized, except that such rights arising from death or personal injury shall not be recognized as inheritable property interests of claims for more than 21 years after the death of any injured person, and claims for property seized or taken by void or unconstitutional governmental action shall not survive the death of any injured person by more than 100 years.


(5)           AUDIT & CUT DEFENSE SPENDING.  As Senator, I will demand hearings on Defense spending and a full and complete audit of Defense spending by Congress in light of the Social Security Trust Fund Fraud reforms set forth above and the necessary repeal of the Patriot Act. 

  1. a.    Defense spending will be strictly limited to the “Defense of the US”, and the United States will never again interfere with the internal affairs of any state which has not directly attacked the land or people of the United States of America.  
  2. b.    All “intelligence” investigations into terrorism and foreign relations conducted over the past century will be made public and reviewed and evaluated in light of the reform program.
  3. c.    “War” shall be defined as openly armed conflict between organized parties, shall never again be confused with “crime” (e.g. “War on Drugs”, “War on Gangs”, “War on Terrorism”);
  4. d.    no “undeclared wars” shall ever again be caused or permitted by Executive Order or Congressional Action;
  5. e.    the Constitution shall govern the Supreme Law of International Policy in the United States and no international treaties shall be permitted to modify the Constitution except by express amendment of the Constitution;
  6. f.     all spending on any governmental activity which has any impact on the environment, whether through the Department of Defense or other agencies, will be evaluated and audited;
  7. g.    each county in the United States and all incorporated cities with more than 100,000 people will be entitled to a complete inventory of all Federal or Federally authorized activities and expenditures within their jurisdiction, and
  8. h.    each such county or incorporated city may (independent of such inventory) summon federal officials to testify in public and answer questions by the people of each locality regarding such expenditures.



  1. a.    All Federal Interference in State and Local Governments will end. 
  2. b.    The Federal Government will no longer mandate any state laws except to ensure compliance with the fundamental rights guarantees of the constitution set forth in the Bill of Rights.
  3. c.    All government agencies and commissions will be reviewed for Constitutionality. 
  4. d.    No “independent” agencies or commissions will ever again be allowed to operate or exist.
  5. e.    All records previously kept by independent agencies or commissions will be made public and kept available through “truth & reconciliation” archives, within which individuals may search and permanently remove private information upon 180 days notice of their intent to do so published in the Federal Register and in a list maintained on-line for that same time.



  1. a.    Any and all government ownership and direct control [by management or appointment] of banks and private industries shall be terminated and the assets of these corporations shall be sold to private parties or local governments, but not to any institution which ever registered derivative securities or sold the same to the public on the stock market. 
  2. b.    The list of government corporations to be sold includes all the Federal Reserve Banks, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Amtrak, the Tennessee Valley Authority.  
  3. c.    If (whether or not due to the securities reforms above) there are no purchasers for the corporations or currently existing “operational” subdivisions of such corporations, these governmental corporations shall be put into bankruptcy and their assets sold off as a matter of common law principles of equity and equitable subrogation. 
  4. d.    As noted above, all independent agencies and commissions will simultaneously be abolished.  As described on the government’s own website: “Independent Agencies and Government Corporations.  Independent establishments are created by Congress to address concerns that go beyond the scope of ordinary legislation. These agencies are responsible for keeping the government and economy running smoothly.”\
  5. e.    Obviously, under the reforms proposed here, the Federal Government will not be engaged in any lawmaking or judicial activities “the go beyond the scope of ordinary legislation.” 
  6. f.     That which cannot be done according to the democratic-republican process respecting Constitutional rights and the separation of powers ought not be done at all.

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