For Family, Home, and Freedom: Restoration of Civil Liberties, Restoration of Honor in Government, Abolition of AEDPA and the PATRIOT ACT, and Social Security Reform by Restoration of the Common Law of Trusts all go Hand-in-Hand

‎”The former House speaker, who has risen in the polls, would allow younger workers to take their share of the payroll tax that funds Social Security and put it in a private account.” That’s okay. If their investments tank, he also supports euthanizing elderly people who are homeless–or at least denying them any medical care for which someone else would have to pay.

Note how DESPERATELY ironic it is that ANYONE would consider Newt Gingrich a “Conservative”.   Euthanasia of the elderly (and “antisocially” uncooperative) was supported from the earliest days of Fabian Socialism by no less renowned celebrities of the turn of the last (19th-20th) Century than George Bernard Shaw, who predicted that if “people refused to live a good life, they would be painlessly put to death” in a Fabian Socialist world—later enshrined in what Aldous Huxley called the “Brave New World”—at some future date “in the Year of Our Ford.”   Real conservatives would never support euthanasia as a matter of social policy, or deny the right of any individual to make choices for him or herself.  Real Conservatives believe in Freedom as the Highest Value, but Newt Gingrich is no Conservative, no Patriot, and No American:

In fact, Newt Gingrich deserves the hatred and disdain of all Americans who value the Constitution and especially due process of law for his role in bringing about the 1996 legislation known as the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which effectively abolished the writ of Habeas Corpus in the United States. The Constitution says Habeas Corpus will never be suspended, but it’s now almost neutered, nugatory, non-existent. Of course, what’s interesting is that his proposals were part of Newt’s famous campaign “Contract with America” (sometimes called the “Contract on America”) 1994 BEFORE the April 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. If you’re of a suspicious mind, you could even imagine that they (the Feds) planned the bombing so that they would have an excuse to enact the 1996 restrictions on Freedom. But the public reaction was insufficient. They (I mean, of course, Bin Laden) had to pull off 9-11 before the Patriot Act could go into law five years later—but it was ALL part of Newt Gingrich’s original proposal. “Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog, Ear of Bat and Wool of Dog”—I’d Say Gingrich has them all, and yes, I think he’s an evil Wizard who would conjure up more evil as President than we can begin to imagine……

So far as Social Security is concerned, I have an alternative proposal where “right meets left” I think: Maintain government management of Social Security but subject government management to the Common Law. That would mean that the government would actually KEEP its promise to create Social Security Trust fund for each individual, and would manage it as a matter of fiduciary responsibility under the traditional law of Trusts & Estates. This would be real, this would be honest, and it would be guaranteed. And if it fails, there would be direct consequences to the managers (namely the six members of the Social Security Administrators, who act as Trustees over a fictitious and unfunded trust right now, subjecting them to liability for fraud even before accounting).

Real Conservatives, Real Patriots, Real Americans believe in keeping promises and honoring the commitments made by the government as TRUSTEE FOR THE PEOPLE.  It is a sacred duty and a sacred commitment which cannot be broken.

If elected to the United States Senate, I would push forward such a lawsuit on behalf of the people of California against the United States Government.  Every Senator and Congressman who did not join me in this lawsuit would have to explain why.   I think that, given the standing of a Senator from the Largest state, the Social Security Trust Fund would have to be reformed  and subjected to the common law of trust, and Social Security would be fully funded for the first time in history, as a result of the (finally) politically feasible disgorgement of 75 years of misuse and government abuse in alliance with the major corporations.  And at the same time, the government-corporate alliance would be crippled.  And for that, the people of the United States would have something seriously to be thankful for.

If you would like to help the fight for “corny old values” like Truth, Justice, and the American Way, for Family, Home, and Freedom, and to add one Senator for the Bill of Rights and against Indefinite Detention, against the PATRIOT ACT, and against the use of United States Troops in this Country against its own citizens, please support Charles Edward Lincoln, III, for U.S. Senator from California.  We are fighting one of the most entrenched establishment seats in Congress—Dianne Feinstein who tried to make cosmetic changes to Senate Bill 1867 to try to hide or disguise the grim, vicious reality—and we ask you to send your check or money order to Lincoln-for-Senate 2012 to Charles Edward Lincoln, III, 952 Gayley Avenue, #143, Los Angeles, California 90024.  Call 310-773-6023 for more information.

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